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Preschool Serving Willis, Conroe & Surrounding Communities

The Lighthouse School is located on the border of Conroe and Willis, only .2 miles from I-45. This convenient location allows us to serve families in Conroe, Willis, Panorama Village and surrounding communities.

A staple in the community, the Lighthouse School has carried an outstanding reputation for many years. Started in 2003 by the Todd family, the school was recently acquired by new owners Gerardo Quevedo and Cecilia Sanchez, who are excited to be a part of the Conroe/Willis educational community.

Lighthouse School
Lighthouse School Willis

A Letter from the Owners

Becoming a part of the Lighthouse legacy is a blessing, an honor and a tremendous responsibility that we take very seriously. We have combined our love for education and business to continue fulfilling our dream of owning a school in local communities.

We are excited to have this opportunity to continue what Toby and his family have done throughout the years. It is our belief that The Lighthouse will continue providing safe, quality hometown child care and the best Christian-based education for providing a better future for the children, parents, and community.

New ownership always brings new ideas and this case will not be any different. We are ready to take the school to the next level so that it will continue to reflect the vibrant, ever-changing direction of education. We are excited and looking forward to working with The Lighthouse’s wonderful staff, parents, and children to highlight new exteriors, interiors and collaborative ideas for the learning environment.  We will ensure that the quality and the integrity of the school will move forward and with little disruption to the school day.


Gerardo Quevedo and Cecilia Sanchez

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