7 Fun Ideas to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Community

Summer is on its way and the little ones are ready to have some fun! While you know they’ll be happy being out of the classroom this summer, you want to make sure they’re staying active. If you’re trying to find creative ways to shorten the time in front of a phone or TV screen and get your kids moving this summer, consider these ideas.

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How Can Your Child Have Fun Being Active This Summer?

The great outdoors, whether it be on a camping ground or in your backyard, is waiting for your kids this summer to keep them active and happy. It’s important to spend some unconnected time in the great outdoors. Sports, nature, and friends will ensure fun and enrichment all summer long.

  1. Summer Camp
  2. Sports
  3. Bike Ride
  4. Camping
  5. Water Balloons
  6. Hide-n-Seek
  7. Nature Trail

1) Enroll them in a Summer Camp

Summer Camp will take away the worry of spending too much time playing video games or watching TV.. The camp counselors have lots of engaging games planned for your kids. They’ll make new friends to create a very memorable summer vacation.  

2) Have them Try Some Sports

With so many different sports to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something for your little one that they will enjoy playing all summer. Having skirmishes planned or even just getting them together with friends in a park to kick a ball around will keep them busy and content.

Pro Tip: Soccer is a great first sport to look into as it keeps you moving throughout the game and the rules are simple enough for young kids to get the hang of quickly.  

3) Go For a Bike Ride

Teaching your child to ride a bike will be a great summer story for them to tell their class when they return in the fall. Riding bikes is also a wonderful way for you to spend time with your kids while keeping active.

4) Take them on a Camping Trip

Camping is always a memorable experience for kids. Learning to set up the tent, making s’mores with the fire, and maybe fishing by the lake. Take them to a national park for a weekend or you can even set up a tent in your backyard and enjoy some stargazing.

5) Make a Splash with Water Balloons

Set up space in the backyard for the kids to fill up some balloons with water from the hose and toss the jiggly water balloons they’ve made. Playing a game of hot potato with them will be a blast for your kiddos. This will be perfect for cooling off during Houston’s hot summers.

6) Keep them on the Move with Hide-n-Seek

Everyone remembers enjoying this old game as a kid. The game is simple enough but requires quite a bit of play with your family, neighbors, and friends to keep the kids giggling for hours.

7) Let Their Imaginations Run Wild on a Nature Trail

Nature trails are a great way for your kids to learn about wildlife and, well, nature! Get them geared up with the proper attire for being in the outdoors, then have them walk the trails looking at all the beautiful plants and insects to be found.

Ready, Set, Go!

Keeping your kids active can be difficult with today’s technology taking up a lot of our precious time. Get them outside and show them all the fun they can have discovering new activities and hobbies they’ll love!

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