Easter Activities Your Preschooler Will Love (And Can Do Themselves!)

Easter Activities Your Preschooler Will Love (And Can Do Themselves!)

Easter is on its way and you’re preparing to buy gift baskets filled with candies and stuffed animals for your little ones. The Easter egg hunt is sure to happen, so you know the kids are coming home with even more chocolate. While the traditional Easter festivities are always a big hit, there are other ways to celebrate that will keep your preschooler busy and still give you some time to sit back and enjoy the spring weather.

Egg hunts and chocolate are hopping around the corner this coming Easter. What are some other activities your preschooler will love? Here are 5 Easter activities they can do themselves! Click To Tweet

How Can Your Preschooler Have The Most Fun This Easter?

There are endless Easter-themed DIY crafts out there for your preschoolers to try. Finding activities for them to do on their own is a great way to give them some space to be creative this season. Here are some Easter activities for your preschoolers that they’re sure to love:

  1. Easter Egg Canvas Art
  2. Easter Cards
  3. Coloring Books
  4. Music Shakers
  5. Sensory Gift Basket

1) Get Creative With Some Easter Egg Canvas Art

Grab a small, white canvas along with some paint. Instead of paint brushes, your kids will be using plastic Easter eggs to create some designs with. Let their imaginations run wild and see what they come up with by making shapes with the paint on the eggs.

2) Send Out Some Homemade Easter Cards

You’ll need some colored paper, markers, glue, and any kind of fun accessories your preschooler wants to add to their card, such as stickers and glitter. Have them make a special Easter card for the grandparents, or some Easter themed art to hang on the refrigerator.

Pro Tip: Having your little ones make something for someone is a great way to encourage them to keep in touch with friends and family.

3) Brighten Your Day With Some Coloring Books

Print out some coloring pages of bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, or flowers– there are plenty of free educational resources online. Enjoy some peace and quiet while your little one is concentrating on filling in each blank with all of their favorite colors.

4) Shake It Up With Easter Egg Music Shakers

It’s time for more Easter egg fun! Give your preschooler some dried beans, empty plastic eggs, and some washi tape. Put a few beans in each egg, seal it up with the washi tape and let them sing and dance with their new instruments!

5) Treat Yourself to a Sensory Gift Basket

Kids love gift baskets, and sensory bins are becoming more and more popular with kids and parents. Give your little one a basket to fill up with some paper grass and various textured items, such as fluffy chick toys, foam Easter ornaments, and jelly beans. They can add the treats they receive from their Easter egg hunts later!

Some Bunny Loves You

Your kiddos will be so grateful this Easter for all of the fun activities they’re enjoying. Preschool Easter activities don’t have to be overwhelming for parents with these easy activities. Give your preschoolers the creative freedom to run wild with their imaginations.

Want to hear about more fun activities all year round? Join the conversation to learn more Easter fun your kids will love.

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