5 Cardboard Tube Crafts to Encourage Creativity

5 Cardboard Tube Crafts to Encourage Creativity

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Craft Ideas

Cardboard tube crafts are an effective way of putting your cardboard papers or towels into proper use. You can always encourage your kids’ creativity by teaching them how to create unique crafts from these colorful cardboards. Whether it is Christmas or a birthday party, cardboard tube crafts for preschoolers are always a great idea.

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What are some fun cardboard tube crafts for preschoolers?

There are endless craft ideas your kids will love to implement when working with cardboard. Paper towel roll crafts and paper towel tube crafts are some of the fun and easy cardboard craft ideas you can teach your kids. Here are some of the ideas to bring to the attention of your kids. 

  1. DIY Bird Feeder
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies
  3. Puppy Marionette 
  4. Crafty Caterpillar
  5. Upcycled Maracas

1) DIY Bird Feeder

Your kids probably enjoy watching birds. Instead of going deep into the forest to look for birds, your kids can bait the birds at home with feeds. Help them make great bird feeders using cardboard, birdseed, and peanut to stick the cardboard’s seeds. Hang the feeders out in the compound to attract birds as they sit back and watch them eat.

2) Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

You can help your child to make beautiful toilet paper roll Christmas butterflies for their Christmas trees. The process is easy; guide your kid into cutting the paper roll into four equal pieces, then paint them to their favorite colors. Add some attractive design on the wings, let the paint dry, and then glue the four pieces together!

3) Puppy Marionette

Paper rolls will do this job perfectly. Making a puppy marionette requires great creativity and skills, and you’ll need to research the perfect process to teach your kid. Challenge them to create a puppy puppet. Once the kids learn to make a puppy marionette, they’ll be able to craft many other animals.

4) Crafty Caterpillar

How innovative can your kids become with their craft skills? Help them come up with a super cute crafty caterpillar by mixing all colors they possibly can. Use recycled items and brightly colored pipe cleaners to make this caterpillar attractive. 

5) Upcycled Maracas

With the help of recycled tissue paper rolls, you can help your kids develop beautiful maracas that they can use to play some music. This is one of the toilet paper tube crafts that your kids will certainly love. Don’t hesitate to keep them engaged with these crafts. 

Encouraging Creativity in Your Little Ones

Your kids need to develop their creativity skills early in life. The best way to achieve that is to teach them to use cardboard tube crafts to form various creative pieces. Tune your kids’ creativity to what they love most by helping them develop unique creations from the cardboard.

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