School Closings: Activities for Kids at Home 

School Closings Activities for Kids at Home, the Light House School of Excellence, Willis, TX

With many schools closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have a new problem to face– How can I keep my kids entertained for seven days a week? Transitioning your child to an at home environment may seem daunting or even impossible. However, with a few tips to keep your kids busy, you’ll find the change easier than you thought. 

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How to Stay Active at Home

Start with a schedule! Most teachers know that kids need a routine; they crave structure. Once you plan out your days, you’ll find keeping the children inside isn’t so hard after all. You want your kids to learn, have fun, and stay engaged so you can get things done around the house, too. 

  • Consider Their School Schedule
  • Creative Indoor Activities
  • Exciting Indoor Games

Consider Their School Schedule

Start with their school schedule. When do they have breakfast, snacks, and lunch? Do they have designated times for reading, science, and math? Use this as a base to create a weekly schedule. You can simply write a list or if you like spreadsheets, create a spreadsheet calendar. 

Pro Tip: Stuck at home? Create a schedule to help you and your kids know what’s happening each day instead of winging it and spending too much time watching TV. 

Creative Indoor Activities

In Texas, snow is hard to come by. Read a children’s book about winter and talk about the seasons. Use this as a leadway to make a “snow” day science experiment. To make pretend snow at home, use equal parts baking soda and hair conditioner. Mix it together and wa-la! Yummy smelling snow to play with for hours. 

Another great idea for kids is to create sensory bins. Use household items such as rice, beans, beads, pom poms, and legos. If you have funnels, use them to funnel the items into different bins. You can also create funnels with toilet paper rolls. 

Have you ever made potions in a bottle? Use an empty water bottle and fill it with water, food coloring, glitter, and oil! The contrast between the oil and water will make a magical potion to shake up again and again. 

Exciting Indoor Games

Need to get the wiggles out? Make an obstacle course in your living room! Move any coffee tables or breakables out of the way and get to work. You can use pillows, duct tape, and chairs to create a fun maze that kids love. Consider tying yarn or a jump rope between two chairs and have children crawl under or over the string. Use a laundry basket to toss balls, balloons or beanbags into. You can also use a cardboard box!

Another classic game you can play inside is Hide and Seek! Set ground rules such as how to become “it”, where homebase is, and if running is allowed. To make it even more thrilling, turn the lights out and give each child a flashlight. 

Consider hosting a scavenger hunt in your home! Hide stuffed animals, knick knacks, and even shoes around the house. Create a list for each child and offer a reward for the person who finds everything on the list first. 

Fun Activities in Trying Times

You’d be surprised at how much fun you and your kids can have even during these difficult times! From kid crafts to indoor games, there are plenty of options to keep your kids entertained all day long. Have questions about school closings? Connect with us to speak with our educators today! 

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