Holiday Art Project Ideas for Preschoolers

Holiday Art Project Ideas for Preschoolers Lighthouse School

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Craft Ideas

As we embrace the festive spirit, I’m thrilled to share our holiday art project ideas to engage your little ones with. These activities aren’t just about creating beautiful decorations. They’re opportunities for your child to explore creativity and develop fine motor skills while immersing themselves in the season.

7 Art Project Ideas for Kids During the Holidays

Throughout this festive period, we’ll be guiding children in crafting various art projects. From handprint wreaths to snowman collages and gingerbread decorations, these activities are carefully designed to encourage self-expression, boost confidence, and enhance cognitive abilities in a fun and engaging manner.

  1. Hand Print Wreath
  2. Snowman Collage
  3. Reindeer Antlers Headband
  4. Santa Claus Hand Puppet
  5. Gingerbread Man Decorations
  6. Holiday Tree Craft
  7. Fingerprint Snowmen

1) Hand Print Wreath

For this craft, you’ll need construction paper, paint, and glue. Guide children to dip their hands in green paint and make handprints on paper. Cut out the prints, arrange them in a circle, and add a bow for a festive wreath.

2) Snowman Collage

This Christmas art project calls for white paper, cotton balls, buttons, and glue. Let preschoolers create a snowman by gluing cotton balls for the body and decorating it with buttons. This simple collage fosters fine motor skills.

3) Reindeer Antlers Headband

You’ll need brown construction paper, scissors, glue, and an elastic cord for this project. Assist children in cutting and decorating antlers from brown paper. Then, attach them to a headband made of elastic cord.

4) Santa Claus Hand Puppet

Help kids trace and cut out their handprints on red paper, then add a white beard, googly eyes, and a hat. Attach to a craft stick for a Santa hand puppet. To achieve this, you’ll need red and white construction paper, googly eyes, glue, and craft sticks.

5) Gingerbread Man Decorations

This preschool activity calls for brown construction paper, markers, buttons, and yarn. Guide preschoolers to cut out gingerbread man shapes and decorate them with markers, buttons, and yarn for a delightful holiday ornament.

6) Holiday Tree Craft

Green construction paper, stickers, sequins, and glue are all you need for this holiday craft idea. Have children cut out and decorate green triangles as Christmas trees. Add stickers and sequins for ornaments and a star on top.

7) Fingerprint Snowmen

All this art project calls for is white paper, paint, and markers. Encourage children to dip their fingers in white paint and create snowmen by adding eyes, a carrot nose, and a scarf using markers.

Getting Creative for the Festive Season

These holiday art projects for preschoolers not only bring festive joy but also nurture essential skills. From handprint wreaths to fingerprint snowmen, each endeavor is a gateway to imagination and skill development. Every parent wants to ensure a season filled with both merriment and meaningful learning. Embrace the magic of the holidays by engaging in these arts and crafts with your little ones, fostering their creativity and dexterity. 

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