The Benefits of Learning a Second Language for Children

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Early Learning

It’s never too late to learn a second language–and it’s never too early, either! Children who learn a second language have significant advantages over children who only learn their native tongue. Click To Tweet Children are able to soak up foreign languages at impressive rates, adding a slew of benefits that will carry through their entire lives.

Learning a Foreign Language: The Benefits

The benefits of learning an additional language are numerous and for children, and it’s fun! Here are some of the top benefits of why you need to get your child involved in language study and learning a second language from a very early age.

Language is Easier to Learn

According to studies, the critical period of learning languages is prior to age 8 and after this age, the ability to fully master a language declines. Not only does learning a foreign language while your young help you better speak the new language, but also improves the use of their native language, too.

Bigger Brains

Research shows that people who are bilingual are better at multitasking, and have different cognitive patterns in their brain compared to those who only speak one language. The best way to have smarter kids is to expose them to different languages.

Teaches About Culture

Language and culture are so entwined that learning a new language automatically helps offer insights and cultural understanding. DIfferent languages can help build a brain in different ways and opens the door to understanding cultural traditions and differences.

Boosts Opportunity

People who speak more than one language have a better opportunity at finding work and getting paid a higher salary, too. Many jobs seek out bilingual workers, and studies show that those who are bilingual tend to make upwards of 3% more than those who do not speak a second language.

Cognitive Development

The benefits of learning a second language directly impacts the success of your child throughout academia. Bilingual children are found to have better writing, reading, math, memory, problem-solving skills, and tend to score higher on standardized tests.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Helping your child learn a second language before or during kindergarten sets them up with a life skill early on. Not only does it benefit their minds, but it opens doors to them that might be closed without these language skills.

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