Encourage Learning with Educational Podcasts for Kids

Encourage Learning with Educational Podcasts for Kids, Light House School of Excellence, Spring, TX

We’ve all come to rely on technology more than ever in 2020. Between Zoom meetings, remote classes, teleconferences, and more, screen fatigue is at an all-time high. But when your kids have reread every book in the house, what else can they do to stay entertained and continue learning? One possible answer is listen to podcasts.

Kid-friendly podcasts have gotten more attention lately as the need for remote leraning continues. Why not give them a try? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of kids’ podcasts and where to get started listening.

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Why Kids Will Enjoy Podcasts

Podcasts combine the best of virtual learning with the freedom to stay occupied while you listen. For adults, that may mean having a podcast playing while you do chores or go for a jog. Kids might stay occupied with Legos, crafts, or another simple activity to keep their hands busy while listening. This allows them to do what they enjoy while learning. Better yet, for many kids, podcasts are kind of a novel concept. The experience of trying something new can add extra appeal!

Get the Most Out of Podcasts

With kids, podcasts work best as conversation starters. For instance, a science podcast could prompt further questions about how the world works. A story podcast or audio drama gets listeners invested in a fantasy world and can spark imagination. And most of all, making podcast time into a family affair is simply fun! It can bring the family together.

Kids’ Podcasts to Get You Started

Listing every single quality kid-friendly podcast available would take all day. But in the wide range of choices, a few particularly excellent ones stand out. These podcasts include:

  • Wow in the World, a podcast that discusses scientific discoveries. This podcast is appropriate for all ages.
  • Stories Podcast, a series of children’s tales perfect for bedtime stories or long car rides. Younger kids will appreciate this podcast.
  • Story Pirates, where hosts read stories submitted by child listeners and produce songs and sketches based off them. Younger kids will love hearing their stories read on their favorite podcast!
  • But Why, a podcast that aims to answer the sometimes “out there” questions kids ask about the world. This one is appropriate for all ages, though younger kids will likely appreciate it more.
  • Smash Boom Best, where hosts pit two kid-friendly topics (one recent example is giant squid vs. blue whales) in a playful debate. Young kids will love hearing the fun arguments and learn about debating along the way.
  • KidNuz, a child-friendly daily summary of the news followed by a quiz. This podcast is an excellent way for parents to discuss current events with their young children.
  • The Past and the Curious, a closer look at little-known historical events and stories. All ages will enjoy this podcast.
  • Book Club for Kids, where middle schoolers can discuss their favorite books with a host and listen to portions read by special guests. Young children with a strong interest in reading will love finding new material.
  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, an ongoing science fiction story podcast about child astronaut Finn Caspian and his adventures in outer space. Kids will be captivated with his stories. This podcast has been going strong for four years and shows no signs of slowing down!

Listen Up!

The world of podcasts is full of untapped potential for education and entertainment alike. And with kids stuck at home for a long time, there’s never been a better chance to give them a try. Find a podcast that sounds interesting and start listening!

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