3 Healthy Summertime Snacks

Healthy Summertime Snacks, The Light House School, Willis, TX.

by | May 8, 2020 | Healthy Snacks

Summertime is right around the corner! With the stay-at-home order, you’ve probably already been isolated with your kids for nearly two months. Not only is it hard to keep children entertained, but it’s almost impossible to find healthy food that they will actually eat. 

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The Best Kid-Friendly Summer Snacks

In the Houston area, summer days are intense, humid, and hot. You need some healthy snacks that will keep your children hydrated. Kids love nutritious food that is disguised as treats! Here are a few options to keep your kids happy and healthy this summer: 

  1. Fruit & Cheese Kabobs 
  2. Chocolate Covered Bananas
  3. Frozen Fruit

1) Fruit & Cheese Kabobs

This simple recipe only requires some fresh fruit and cheese! Add some summer fruit such as strawberries, grapes, or blueberries to your kabob and place a cheese cube in between. Your kids will get nutrients from the fruit and protein from the cheese.

Recipe from My Baking Addiction

Pro Tip: Invite your kids to help put together their summertime snacks! This will give them a chance to see the ingredients in their food while bonding with you. 

2) Chocolate Covered Bananas

These sweet treats are the perfect addition to a hot summer day. All you need are some popsicle sticks, frozen bananas, melted chocolate, and optional peanuts. The great thing about these treats is that you can store them in the freezer and have them ready after a long day of summer camp or playing outside. 

Recipe from Food Network

3) Frozen Fruit

If you’re looking for an easy and cold treat, try freezing some fruit. You can take some grapes and freeze them overnight. Eat them on a summer picnic! Another option is to put some craft sticks in pineapples, melons, or strawberries and pop them in the freezer. 

Snacking Summer

Staying at home is hard, but with a schedule and some healthy snack preparation, summer will fly by! It’s nearly impossible to find nutritious food that picky eaters will enjoy. Get creative and don’t give up. Want to learn more about kid-friendly summer snacks and activities? Connect with our team of educators on social media.

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