Your child is ready to start schooling, but as a parent, you are probably having difficulty choosing between a private and a public kindergarten. Kindergarten is the foundation of a kid’s education, and the quality of education offered at this learning stage can affect your child’s future performance. So, which is better: public or private kindergarten?

When you perform quick research, you’ll notice that both private and public kindergarten facilities claim to offer the best education. This can even confuse many parents more. The truth is that each sector is good at something, but the benefits of enrolling a child in a private kindergarten are more than public ones.

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Teacher Training Requirements & Continuing Education

Public school teachers must have valid state licenses and fulfill specific criteria to offer special guidance and attention. Thankfully, teachers in private kindergartens don’t need such requirements to offer special attention, making private education a better choice.

When enrolled in a private school, your child will participate in challenging activities designed to advance their abilities. Private kindergartens have lower teacher/student ratios and smaller class sizes, making teaching easy.

Individualized Programs & Comprehensive Curriculum

If you’re looking for a school that offers a comprehensive curriculum and individualized program, consider enrolling your child in a private kindergarten. Private schools have the advantage of learning resources, from technology to supplies.

Your child will receive individualized attention in a private kindergarten than in public kindergartens. Private schools also offer specialized areas of study, including music, art, and foreign language. They don’t rely on taxpayers’ money to fund these programs.

Communication with Parents & Families

A good kindergarten classroom promotes excellent communication between teachers and parents to ensure quality education. For example, The Lighthouse School offers an open door policy for parents and families to visit anytime, promoting communication.

On the contrary, public kindergartens are more reserved than their private school counterparts. As a result, their communication strategies are not as effective as private kindergartens. If you value communication, enroll your kid in a private kindergarten.

Discover the Benefits of a Private Kindergarten

After comparing private vs public kindergarten, you’ve realized that your child will enjoy more benefits in a private kindergarten than in a public kindergarten. An independent school like The Lighthouse School offers customized programs and curricula to fulfill your child’s needs. We also encourage communication with parents and families.

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