Tips for Parents: Helping Your Child Adjust to Kindergarten

Tips for Parents: Helping Your Child Adjust to Kindergarten

by | May 5, 2023 | Kindergarten

Many kids have trouble adjusting to kindergarten. So, as a parent, it’s essential to understand how your child adapts to kindergarten, as it’s different for all kids. For some children, it is an excellent opportunity to interact with each other. It can sometimes be a tough time for some children to meet others, and they need help to adjust to changes.

How to Navigate the Adjustment to Kindergarten

Parents play a significant role in the development of the child. They’re essential in the life of their kids and should sacrifice anything for their wellbeing. However, being a caring parent requires you to do some practices and routines to benefit your child’s growth. Here are five tips for parents to help navigate the adjustment to kindergarten.

  1. Read books to build excitement
  2. Establish a goodbye routine for security
  3. Encourage playdates to make new friends
  4. Attend school events and meet with the teacher
  5. Listen and provide emotional support

1) Read books to build excitement

The kindergarten is always full of play though your child can learn basics in maths, reading, and writing. It is advisable that when parents are at home with their children, they should spend some time reading books to them.

Learning always begins at home, and when you frequently read books to your kid at home, they develop listening skills that help them in the kindergarten classroom.

2) Establish a goodbye routine for security

A child may take time to adjust to school. However, the transition will be smooth if you prepare your child to adjust to kindergarten. In addition, children feel more secure when they are with someone they know, especially their parents.

Establishing a goodbye routine will remind them that it is time to go to school. Making it very easy for a child to start kindergarten since it reduces separation anxiety.

3) Encourage playdates to make new friends

Arranging for your child to meet and play with other children is vital. Children’s interaction, apart from the one in preschool, is critical in child development. In addition, there are a lot of skills that your child can learn when there is such interaction.

As your kids grow, supporting them in meeting new friends teaches them the power of unity and teamwork. Also, they know how to solve problems among themselves in case of disagreements.

4) Attend school events and meet with the teacher

Attending school events is another good thing that parents should not miss. Parents and kindergarten teachers can discuss the child’s progress when they meet. That help to identify the strength and weakness of that particular child.

It is easy to support your child after understanding their feelings and desires. Visit school consistently, and you will help your child in academic and social development.

5) Listen and provide emotional support

Listening to your child is a good step if you want to provide emotional support. Helping your child after understanding how they feel about themselves is the way to go if you need them to improve in all aspects of their lives.

Many kids are concerned about being appreciated in everything they do. Talking about the activities your child has learned and done successfully in the past will take away the feeling of not being good enough, and the child will always feel good.

Adjust to Kindergarten with LightHouse School

Adjusting to kindergarten is easy if parents are ready to support the child during the transition. For example, taking your child to school in the morning and scheduling a minute early to pick up the child give the kids the confidence they need to adjust to kindergarten. 

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