5 Confidence Building Activities For Kids

5 Confidence Building Activities For Kids

Getting your child to engage in confidence-building activities for kids can help them develop self-esteem. You don’t have to rely only on praise, but let your child play games or activities that give them the confidence to live in society.

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What are some activities that help children build self-esteem?

Many activities can help boost self-esteem in children. However, not each activity suit each child, and that’s because each child has unique likes and dislikes. But despite that, the following activities are worth trying.

  1. “I Am…” 
  2. List Your Wins
  3. Talking Down Fears
  4. Purposeful Chores
  5. Visualization

1) “I Am…”

This activity can help you determine if your child is proud of their achievements or a bit critical about themselves. All you need to do is request the kid write the words that best describe them, whether positive or negative. Next, ask them to be attentive to the good things about them. Finally, to make this activity more fun, stick your child’s photo on a paper sheet and ask them to write positive adjectives about them around the picture.

2) List Your Wins

Another strategy to build confidence in kids is to ask them to write their wins on a piece of paper. That will remind them about their potential, especially when they do that every day before going to bed. Let them know that failures are part of life and don’t mean the end of the road. However, don’t forget to encourage them to learn from their mistakes.

3) Talking Down Fears

Every child has fears. The good news is that you can help your child face their fears without losing confidence. So, ask your child to write down the things they fear doing. Next, let them imagine doing what they fear, whether swimming or cycling. You can also ask them to note down the possible outcomes of their fear of activities. 

4) Purposeful Chores

Another way to boost your child’s self-esteem is by entrusting them with purposeful chores. Prepare a list of the things you believe your child can handle, whether it’s the environment or the pets around them. They can also try watering flowers, walking the dog, or cleaning the compound. When they finish the tasks, please compliment them.

5) Visualization

Does your child have negative thoughts that prevent them from thinking positively? If so, find out what your child is afraid of doing and list them down. For instance, if they feel pessimistic about their academic performance, ask them to close their eyes to imagine how it feels when their performance improves. Then, let the child explain the feeling.

Building Your Little Ones’ Confidence Each Day

Now that you know a few confidence-building activities for kids, you’ll find it easy to help your kids develop self-esteem. These self-esteem activities for kids can also help kids learn problem-solving skills and have a growth mindset. The bottom line is to allow your child to engage in positive self-talk, even when they feel bad about something.

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