5 Engaging Cardboard Tube Crafts for Toddlers

5 Engaging Cardboard Tube Crafts for Toddlers

If you are looking for activities to engage your kids, it’s time to try out the cardboard tube crafts for toddlers. Tube crafts are easy to make and can add a lot of fun to your kids’ play activities. You can use toilet paper or paper towel tubes to make the crafts.

What are some easy and fun paper tube crafts for toddlers and preschoolers?

You don’t have to throw away paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes because you can use them in cardboard tube crafts. Besides bringing fun into your kids’ lives, tube crafts teach them about recycling. Also, you can DIY the tube projects.

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  1. Mermaid Puppets
  2. Toy Trumpet
  3. Crafty Butterfly
  4. Seed Starter Pots 
  5. Paper Roll Shark

1) Mermaid Puppets

Crafting a mermaid-themed puppet is an incredible way to recycle the toilet paper rolls in your house. Your child can even customize the puppets using their favorite colors. However, you’ll need other supplies like glue, craft scissors, a pencil, and a paper plate.

Learn how to make mermaid puppets.

2) Toy Trumpet

You can go musical by making a fun toy trumpet using a cardboard tube. Making the trumpet takes about one hour. However, you may have to help your kids do the tricky steps like making the cardboard cones and fixing them on the cardboard tubes.

Learn how to make a toy trumpet.

3) Crafty Butterfly

The crafty butterflies can be a perfect craft to celebrate summer and spring with your children. Making a crafty butterfly is easy because it requires a few supplies. You’ll also need some paint to make the butterflies look more attractive and nature-inspired.

Learn how to make a crafty butterfly.

4) Seed Starter Pots

If your kids love growing plants and flowers, making the seed starter pots is a clever way to get your kids to do what they love most. They can start growing vegetables and flowers from the cardboard tube seedling pots.

Learn how to make the seed starter pots.

5) Paper Roll Shark

This craft activity is a perfect choice for kids who love ocean animals. It’s a simple procedure because of the few requirements, such as glue and paintbrushes. Your kid can make as many sharks as possible, depending on the number of toilet paper rolls.

Learn how to make a paper roll shark.

Creative Crafts for Your Little Ones to Enjoy

Cardboard tube crafts are a super-easy way to recycle the toilet paper rolls in your house. The good news is that we’ve shared with you some of the toilet paper roll crafts to try out. Rest assured that these craft activities will make your kids happy.

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