5 Rice Activities for Preschoolers

5 Rice Activities for Preschoolers, Light House School

With rice activities for preschoolers, children can develop their sensory skills quickly while having fun. Besides engaging the kids’ senses, rice activities can help build their language, dramatic play, science, math, and social skills. How can rice be so beneficial? Here are some of the best preschool activities involving rice.

What are some rice sensory bin activities for preschoolers? 

Rice is incredibly versatile and doesn’t leave residue on the kids’ tiny fingers. It can be easily swept up and colored with food dye. Other sensory fillers that can substitute rice are sand, dried beans, water beans, or even pea gravel. To make simple sensory bins, you need a bag of rice, an empty container, and a few toys.

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Here are some of the best rice craft activities for preschoolers. 

  1. Rainbow Rice
  2. Kitchen Rice
  3. Rice I Spy 
  4. Rice Construction Site
  5. Alphabet Rice 

1) Rainbow Rice 

Kids love colors, and that makes the rainbow rice sensory bin a perfect choice for them. All you need to do is add  ½ tsp of food coloring to one cup of rice, put it in a container (like Tupperware), and shake very well. Dry the colored rice on a paper towel, put the colored rice in a rice bin, and let your kids play.

2) Kitchen Rice

Pull out all the items, such as spice jars, containers, trays, utensils, and bowls, from the drawers and cupboards in your kitchen and put them in the rice sensory bin. You can also get some play foods to make the rice sensory bin look like a real kitchen.

3) Rice I Spy 

Another great rice activity for preschoolers is playing “I spy” in the sensory bin. Place various types of pieces on the rice sensory bin and work together or separately but on the same container. Your child will enjoy the puzzles.

4) Rice Construction Site

Use the rice sensory bin as a construction site to get your child’s attention. Add some wooden blocks and construction vehicles. Let your child treat the rice as ‘cement’ and use it to build a wall by mixing the ‘cement’ and placing it between the stacked blocks.

5) Alphabet Rice 

Fill a freezer zip-lock bag with rice, beads, and trinkets. Add letters to the rice and mix them up. Adding a set of tongs is ideal for fine motor skills. Use an alphabet checklist sheet to cross off whatever you spy together with your preschooler.

Benefits of Simple Sensory Bins

Rice sensory bins allow children to imagine, discover, explore, and learn while engaging their senses. When you make a sensory bin for your kids, you’ll see how it will capture their attention. The sensory bin will also improve your children’s cooperative play skills.

Get Creative With Your Toddler’s Activity

Rice activities for preschoolers offer a perfect opportunity for sensory exploration since they involve various senses, including sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. A sensory play activity can help to improve fine motor skills in children.

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