5 Simple Garden Activities for Preschoolers

5 Simple Garden Activities for Preschoolers

Most garden activities for preschoolers are exciting and can keep your child physically and mentally active throughout spring. These gardening activities help kids learn many things about the natural world. Thankfully, there are many gardening ideas to try out.

What are some fun and interesting gardening activities for pre-k?

As the weather warms up and people start planting, it’s the best time to teach a child about gardening. Preschoolers can play, have fun, build self-confidence, and learn new skills when growing and tending plants in the garden. The good news is that kids enjoy digging, getting dirty, and seeing their plants grow.

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  1. Growing Potatoes
  2. Planting Wildflowers
  3. Grass in a Cup
  4. Scrap Veggies 
  5. Observing Bulbs

1) Growing Potatoes

Growing potatoes with kids is a fun garden activity that preschoolers can embrace to stay active. Plant the potatoes in containers containing soil. Once shoots start growing from the potatoes, you need to burry the leaves using more soil to encourage growth.

2) Planting Wildflowers

Kids love flowers, and that’s why you should try planting wildflowers with preschoolers. Some of the wildflowers to try are Asters, Zinnias, and Marigold. You need supplies like an empty egg carton, Saved eggshells, potting soil, and wildflower seed to get started.

3) Grass in a Cup

Growing grass in a cup is one of the preschoolers’ most exciting science experiments because grass grows fast in various environments. It can grow outdoors or indoors, depending on the soil’s nature. Your kids will enjoy growing grass at home or school.

4) Scrap Veggies

You can grow vegetables from scraps alongside your children. This gardening activity for toddlers is fascinating, especially when the veggies regrow from the scraps. It is simple, and you can do it at home even when you don’t have a yard.

5) Observing Bulbs

This science experiment involves planting and observing bulbs growing. During a study, preschoolers need to note down the changes happening on the bulb over time. The project allows students to observe the plant parts closing while monitoring their growth.

Learning Through Gardening Activities

Preschool teachers and parents need to embrace the garden activities for preschoolers to keep the kids engaged. You can also try other playful learning activities such as a gardening sensory bin, seed exploration, and flower garden planting. The gardening activities for kids are fun, educational, and exciting because they teach kids a lot.

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