Sensory Bin Ideas for Toddlers: Getting Started

Sensory Bin Ideas for Toddlers: Getting Started LightHouse School

With the best sensory bin ideas for toddlers, you can foster your children’s growth and development. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, development-friendly games help kids build their social skills, brain function, and fine motor skills. These sensory bin games can help your kids have fun while enhancing their brain functions.

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If you are looking for games to help your little one grow and develop healthily, invest in sensory bins for toddlers. It will keep your kids busy for some minutes, and you, as a parent, know what that means to you. Just ensure that the sensory bin fillers are age-friendly and safe for your kids. So, what are some ideas to start with?

The Tub

You don’t need several supplies to make great sensory bins. Instead, get a medium storage tub and use it to make a sensory bin for your child. The storage tub is suitable for sensory bins due to its high sides as it can keep everything contained, offering more space for learning. It doesn’t need to be fancy: a tub, a few tools, and rice are enough.

The Bases 

Colored sensory bin bases are a perfect choice for many parents who want to get the most for their money. When you finish up with the sensory bin, you can pour the base back into a resealable bag. There are many sensory bases, including rainbow rice, cornmeal, beans, and pom balls. All the bases play well and bring much fun. 

The Tools 

Setting up a sensory table requires you to have some fun tools. Allow your babies and toddlers to choose their favorite bases, then add a few fun tools into the sensory bin. You can get a pair of simple tongs, measuring cups, funnels, mini construction trucks, and jars. Most of these sensory bin supplies will help to boost your kids’ sensory skills.

Getting Your Toddlers Started with Sensory Bin Play

These sensory bin ideas for toddlers can help to improve your kids’ fine motor skills and boost their brain function. The good news is that setting up a basic sensory bin is easy and will take you a few seconds or minutes. Ensure that you select the sensory bin tools that are fun for kids. You don’t need a ton of tools to create a suitable sensory bin.

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