4 Things to Remember During Potty Training

4 Things to Remember During Potty Training, Light House School of Excellence, Spring, TX

If your toddler is ready to transition from diapers to the potty, your involvement is critical. The language you use at that time can influence your toddler’s perception of their body as well as how they should use the bathroom. In this guide, we’ll look at a few potty training sayings to use during potty training.

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Helping Your Kids Develop a New Habit

As a parent or caregiver, you have to help your child get accustomed to using the potty. While it can be a daunting task, you need to be patient and take every step that could help the child learn faster. Here are some of the things you should remember to make the potty training process easier for both you and the child:

  1. Kids want to feel independent
  2. Positive reinforcement works wonders
  3. Structure is important
  4. Accidents will happen

1) Kids Want to Feel Independent

Growing toddlers tend to have a healthy need for control over their lives. That’s why you need to create a suitable environment that will foster independence during the training process. You can achieve that by giving the child choices. You can say, “Would you like to go potty in three minutes or five minutes?” This will give the child a sense of control.

2) Positive Reinforcement Works Wonders

By staying positive, you can help your kids learn faster how to use the potty. During the first diaper free-trial, tell your child the benefits of using the potty. You can say, “Putting on underwear is fun.” You might also say “Please keep your underwear dry to feel more comfortable.” Remember to praise the child for keeping their underwear dry.

3) Structure is Important

Creating a structure for the potty training process can help your child learn faster. Many toddlers find it challenging to adapt to the potty. So, they’ll simply say “No” if asked, “Do you want to go potty?” To avoid that, provide something of a routine they can adjust to. For example, you could say, “It’s almost dinnertime. Let’s go potty first!” Reinforcing this habit will help your little one associate a bathroom trip with a definite time of day and encourage them to repeat it.

4) Accidents Will Happen

Even the most attentive child will take a few weeks to master how to use the potty, with as many mistakes as achievements. When accidents occur, stay positive and involve your child in the clean-up process. You could say, “Thanks for telling me about the accident. Let’s clean-up and try again later.”

Above all, remember that accidents are not something to be punished. Bodily functions can only be controlled to an extent. Learning to recognize the “signs” of needing to use the bathroom takes time, especially for beginners. Be patient as your child works on developing this new habit.

Provide an Encouraging Environment

The most important part of potty training is creating a conducive environment by staying positive. Congratulate your child for every achievement throughout the training process and help them stay on track following accidents. Help your kids develop this habit in a safe, encouraging environment.

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