Encourage Your Kids to Read with These 3 Ideas

Encourage Your Kids to Read with These 3 Ideas, Light House School, Willis, TX

Of all children in the United States, 63% of 4th graders read below grade level. The statistic is alarming, especially when you consider a child’s future. Teaching children how to read is one of the best gifts parents and teachers can provide, but it doesn’t stop there. Encouraging kids to love reading is what will make the difference.

With the sun shining outside or friends knocking at the door, reading a book is probably the last thing on your child’s mind. Check out these 3 ideas to make reading fun! Click To Tweet

Reading IS Fun

Is your child a reluctant reader? Are you running out of ways to distract your kids from playing video games on their tablet? Check out these 3 ideas to make reading fun for your child!

  1. Sign Up for Reward Programs
  2. Plan Movie Outings
  3. Download Audiobooks

1) Sign Up for Reward Programs

If there’s a price or incentive for meeting a goal, most kids are more than willing to make an effort. Whether it’s online or in-person, any local businesses offer reading programs that let kids earn prizes every time they read a book. Montgomery County Library regularly partners with local restaurants and play centers during the summer to give away prizes. If you have a library card, your child could be earning!

2) Plan Movie Outings

Today, there are a number of movies that have been produced from a comic book or storybook. Encouraging kids to read a book before they watch the movie is a great way to spark interest and grow reading skills. Similar to reward programs, waiting to watch the movie in a theater or in your living room until they reach their goal is a great way to motivate them. Once they finish reading, they’ll love the book even more after seeing it come to life.

Pro Tip: Watching a movie-adapted version of a good book is a great idea for a field trip. Get your kids excited by letting them dress up as their favorite character from the book when you go!

3) Download Audiobooks

Many children who have a difficult time reading might find not get as frustrated if they have an audiobook read aloud for them. Depending on the reading material, there are a number of children who learn better with an audio version and might find more enjoyment by following along. Instead of being distracted by the sounds around them, reading time can become a fun activity for any child.

Always Learning

At the end of the day, learning never ends. From kindergarten to adulthood, reading is a key skill to develop for success. If your child is learning to read or is already racking up their library points, make sure you’re growing your own reading habits. Your example will teach your children just what it takes to truly enjoy reading on their own.

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