Help Your Child Be Confident in Who They Are!

Help Your Child Be Confident in Who They Are! The Light House School of Excellence, Willis, TX

by | May 17, 2019 | Parenting Tips

Every parent wants to raise a confident daughter or son, but it can prove difficult, especially if you aren’t using self-awareness on a daily basis. Building self-confidence in a child comes with patience, practice, and positive reinforcement along with a good role model for them to follow.

4 Ways to Nurture Confidence in Your Child

As a parent, you want the best for your kids. You want to raise them to be confident in who they are, what they want, and the things they say. But how do you nurture that quality from a young age? Start with setting small goals, positive reinforcement, a role model they can look up to, and allowing your child to learn new things for himself/herself.

How can you help develop confidence in your son or daughter? Use these 4 tips and watch your child grow into a fearless person who believes in themselves. Click To Tweet
  1. Celebrate Small Achievements
  2. Model Positive Self Esteem
  3. Reinforce That No One is Perfect
  4. Don’t Do Everything For Your Child  

1) Celebrate Small Achievements

Both yourself and teachers in your child’s preschool program should take measures to celebrate small achievements that your little one overcomes. Once a skill is mastered, present a new one that will help him/her strive to the next major step. However, make sure goals aren’t overwhelming or unattainable. Cheer your child on with every new accomplishment, whether small or big.

2) Model Positive Self Esteem

Children soak in everything they see and hear. When you talk about yourself in a positive manner, they will start to feel the same way about themselves. The next time you achieve a goal like paying off a loan or getting a promotion at work, praise yourself out loud and remind your little one that they too can do the same!

3) Reinforce That No One is Perfect

When your child doesn’t meet a goal, don’t get angry or upset at them. Reassure their strengths and abilities and make them feel brave enough to try again! Failing lets them know what to do differently next time and how to turn that failure into a success.

Pro Tip: Remind your kids that no one is perfect and there will be times that they fail or make a mistake–that’s part of learning.

However, when we do fail, we know what to do differently next time and how to turn that failure into a success!

4) Don’t Do Everything For Your Child

Your little one will gain much more confidence by learning to do things himself/herself. If you find yourself always dressing or feeding your child, try to be more conscious and let things go. Even if they don’t do it right, they will eventually learn from trial and error how to do a task correctly.

A Happy and Confident Child

Confidence in kids leads to a happy child all around! Remember these 4 points covered and try to practice them every day. Your child will quickly start to show more and more confidence as they grow.

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