Your Holiday Guide to Teaching Children to Enjoy Giving

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Parenting Tips

Christmas is here again and all children everywhere are looking forward to Christmas morning with great anticipation. They can hardly bear seeing their gifts under the tree every day between now and then. It’s almost too much to handle. In such a context, how do you teach your children the joy of giving instead of receiving?

Teaching Children to Enjoy Giving this Christmas

Whether toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners or beyond, all kids love to open presents. The thrill is so great it’s hard to imagine that it could actually feel better to watch someone else receive a gift you gave them. This is a life lesson that can’t be taught in a moment or even a few days. Consider the following guide to teaching kids the joy of giving:

1) They’re always watching

Children are always watching, listening, and learning. What they see you do is always going to carry more weight than what you tell them. Be the example you want them to see. Let them see you giving and let them give with you. Find a cause you can participate in together.

2) Consistency is key

Repetition is everything in childhood learning and development. Learning to give is no different. Find ways to make it a routine part of your family life within the walls of your home and out in the public. Encourage your children to allow others to go first, do secret good deeds for their friends, and give meaningful gifts to their teachers. Regularly participating in a cause together as a family will do wonders for your children.

3) Attitude is everything

When your children see you giving, they need to see your joy. They need to understand it feels good to give to others and eventually they’ll understand it truly is better to give than to receive.

4) Opportunities abound

There are so many ways you can use the holidays to teach your children to give. Take them to volunteer at a soup kitchen or food donation facility. Go caroling at an assisted living facility or provide Christmas to a family in need as a family. Bake cookies with your children to give to their classmates or take your children with you to do some yard work for the elderly. Get creative and have fun! Your kids will remember these memories forever. They may even pass them onto their kids. Who knows! You could affect generations with a simple family giving tradition.

5) Gratefulness is essential

The habit of gratefulness is key to a giving heart. Encourage your children to think about people who have helped them or given them something they needed or would enjoy in the past. Ask them how good it felt. Invite them to make others feel just as good and special by giving their time, attention, and meaningful gifts.

Giving Joy to Others

It may seem like quite a challenge, especially during the holidays, but your kids can learn the joy of giving. They need to see it in you, experience it with you, and do it as a routine part of your family life. Create a family culture of giving. Get started with this guide to teaching children to enjoy giving. From The Light House School of Excellence to all of you, have a very Merry Christmas this year!

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