How to Motivate Your Kids to Form Good Habits

How to Motivate Your Kids to Form Good Habits, Light House School of Excellence, Willis, TX

We all know the importance of healthy, beneficial habits for better quality of life. However, kids aren’t as knowledgeable about these topics quite yet. They may not understand that eating cookies for every meal or staying up all night may feel good now, but will harm them in the long run if repeated. Kids need a little help and motivation to form good habits.

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Giving Your Kids a Growth Mindset

As a responsible parent, you should be on the frontline to help your kids develop good and healthy habits. Since it might take time for kids to form good habits, you need to start teaching the lessons early. Here are the tips to help motivate your little ones:

  1. Be a good role model
  2. Encourage your kids’ efforts
  3. Model healthy habits
  4. Don’t yell
  5. Let your kids choose

1) Be a Good Role Model

Many kids start to mimic their parents’ behavior at a very young age. So, the best way to develop healthy habits in them is by setting an excellent example. The kids will watch everything you do and begin to emulate the good habits they observe in you.

2) Encourage Your Kids’ Efforts

Most parents tend to praise their kids’ end results and forget about the efforts. Focus on your kids’ efforts more than the final results. For instance, if your child is learning how to bake bread, encourage their efforts and highlight everything they do right even if the end result is less than perfect. Praise them for remembering to sift the flour or kneading the dough carefully. Knowing their efforts are worth something will encourage your kids to keep trying until they achieve their goal.

3) Model Healthy Habits

Taking care of your children’s health and teaching them healthy habits is essential. But again, remember that your kids will mimic what they see you doing. If you tell them to wash their hands after coming home from school but don’t regularly do the same before making dinner, you’ll confuse them. Practice the same healthy habits you want to instill in your children.

4) Don’t Yell

When your kids do something wrong, don’t yell at them. Stay calm and tell them the right things they have to do and when to do them. Explain the consequences of failing to do as you’ve advised. That will help them learn how to manage their emotions.

5) Let Your Kids Choose

Kids tend to fight back when they feel controlled. So, you need to give options instead of ordering them to do some chores. For instance, you can ask if they would want to do a task now or later. The chore will still happen either way, but now the kids have a choice of when (and potentially how) they would prefer to do it. Giving them even this minor bit of input will help them feel involved in the decision making process and stay motivated to complete the task.

Motivation for Children

Good habits don’t spring up overnight. Helping your children develop a healthy mindset takes time and effort from both parties. Ensure you’re keeping them motivated to look out for their own benefits. Most importantly, show them that their efforts are appreciated as they make progress.

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