When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style

When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style LightHouse School

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Parenting Tips

Parenting is divine, and you will do it the best way known to you. However, despite your efforts, someone will criticize your parenting style on your face or indirectly. Parenting is an overwhelming responsibility that requires you to be staunch in what you believe in.

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When someone criticizes your parenting skill, do not panic or lose your calm. Instead, use a brush-off comment or smile at the critic. You can also engage them briefly and let them know the reason for your parenting choices.

Responding to Unsolicited Parenting Advice

As a parent, you will need a thick skin to remain calm anytime a person criticizes your positive parenting style. Try these two methods on anyone who gives you unsolicited parenting advice;

Use a Brush-off Comment or A Smile

One of the best ways of respectfully brushing-off a parenting advice is smiling at your advisor.  Alternatively, you can use a brush-off comment to show concern but also end the discussion. ‘I will keep that in mind,’ ‘I will see what I can do,’ or ‘that is one way of doing it, these statements work magic.

You Can Also Engage Your Critic

You can also engage your critic and educate them on your perspective. You don’t try to change their opinion, but you just let them know why you chose your parenting style by;

  • Avoiding a full debate but simply expressing the reason for your parenting choices. For instance, you can say, ‘physical punishment does not work on my child; verbal corrections work the magic.’
  • If they want to know more about your parenting styles, you can keep the discussion on, but don’t let it get overboard.
  • Monitor your tone and don’t pass judgment on parenting styles different from yours.

Team Up With Your Partner or Seek Family Support

Parenting is a journey that requires support in some instances. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with external ideas and doubt your parenting choices. At this point, you need your spouse or co-parent to figure it out. Since you both have mutual interests in your child, you easily identify the best practice to stick to.

You can also talk to your family or friends on their parenting journey. Learn what worked for them. However, every child is unique, and whatever worked on their child might not work on your child. 

Regaining Confidence in Your Parenting Decisions

You best know your child, and thus you know the best parenting approach that will work on them. Follow your instincts and guts when making parenting choices. Do not give much attention to what other people think about your parenting style.

When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style–Don’t Panic!

When someone criticizes your parenting style, you can smile or give them a brushing-off comment. Don’t let them get on your nerves. Remember, your child is unique, and you know them better. All you need to do is reevaluate your parenting style and improve what you can.

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