Encouraging Playing with Toddlers

Encouraging Playing with Toddlers LightHouse School

Playing with toddlers is one of the most exciting experiences for many parents. Besides, children learn many things when playing with their parents, helping them develop faster. During playtime, the toddlers can explore their creativity, try out new skills, and learn to relate with others. For that reason, you shouldn’t feel awkward playing with your child.

As a loving and caring parent, you can become your child’s great playmate from the time of birth. Since toddlers love to play, any activity can always be playful to them. Thankfully, that offers them many opportunities to learn new skills. All you have to do now is find some of the things that your toddler loves doing most.

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Get Curious

When sitting next to your toddler, you can guess their next moves by just looking at them. Try to figure out what they are up to and encourage them to continue doing that. You can then join your toddler in the activity. That gives them the approval to continue with their exploration and learning about the world. You don’t have to shout at them. 

Follow Their Lead

Following your child’s lead helps them build confidence in any activity they do. For that reason, you can give them an object, whether a toy or a doll, and see what they do with it. You also need to play with the items. If the toddlers claim that you did something wrong, let them show you the right way to do it. That way, the child will become active.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to complicate everything when playing with toddlers, even if you want them to develop their problem-solving skills. Besides, most toddlers love doing simple activities like sorting blocks into piles based on size and color. They also love stacking up things such as blocks, boxes, and cups. You must not struggle to look for fun activities.  

Connecting With Your Toddlers Through Play

Playing with toddlers is a fun way for parents to connect with their kids. Besides helping kids learn how to relate with others, playing with kids can improve their fine motor skills. The best thing to do is figure out the activities toddlers love doing most and help your child do them. Provide a conducive environment that encourages your toddler to play.

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