3 Tips to Stop the Spread of Germs

Tips to Stop the Spread of Germs, The Light House School, Willis, TX.

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Preschoolers

Every parent knows that kids are messy, especially younger children. When you ask them to stop touching their face, it’s like all they process is “touch face”. Suddenly, your child is touching their eyes, nose, mouth, and who knows what else. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to stop the spread of germs to prevent infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

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How to Keep Germs at Bay with Children

While the whole community, nation, and the world are navigating through these unprecedented times, many people are feeling uneasy. Health officials recommend staying home and only leave when you absolutely need to. While this will significantly decrease your chances of contracting the virus, you can also implement safe hygiene practices at home. 

  1. Hand Washing for Young Children
  2. Clean & Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces
  3. Important Food Safety Practices

1) Hand Washing for Young Children

Encourage your child to cough or sneeze into a tissue or paper towel, but if that isn’t nearby, use their sleeve. Teach preschoolers about the negative impact of coughing into their hands. Furthermore, stress the importance of proper and frequent handwashing. They must use warm soapy water and rub their hands for at least twenty seconds; you can time this with a catchy song. 

Pro Tip: Make handwashing fun by singing one of your child’s favorite songs when you wash!

2) Clean & Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces

Having a clean home improves the chances of having a healthy family. Keep your bathroom sanitized by scrubbing the counters, sink, toilet, tub, and floor on a regular basis. Disinfect countertops before and after cooking. While cleaning your kitchen and bathroom is necessary, you want to also think outside of the box. What is being touched the most? Consider disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, handles, and toys.

3) Important Food Safety Practices

Most Americans are relying on grocery stores for their food supply. This means, you probably have to go grocery shopping more often than you’d like. If you can leave your children home while you shop, that’s what the experts are suggesting.  If you have to go outside your home, leave your shoes outside and immediately take your clothes off and shower when you come inside. 

Before you put your food away, sanitize packaging if possible. Wash fruits and vegetables with a food-grade veggie wash. (Water works too if that’s not available.) Clean your cooking surface and sink before preparing meals. Put your hair up if it’s long and wash your hands before and after cooking.


Through social distancing and safe sanitization practices, we can flatten the curve together. If you are an essential employee, we applaud and appreciate your brave efforts to keep people safe and healthy. As a community, we can actively work to stop the spread of germs. 

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