5 Benefits of Preschool For Your Little One (and You!)

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Preschoolers

Preschool can be a scary idea for both you and your little one, but the benefits should far outweigh any fears. Are you unsure if your child should attend preschool or not? Here are 5 benefits that show how it can set your little one up for success. Click To Tweet

Benefits of Preschool

Your child’s early years of life significantly impact their future experiences with education, as far ahead as college. Here are some big benefits of preschool:

  1. Promotes Social Development
  2. Encourages Independence
  3. Provides a Foundation for Learning
  4. Improves Math & Literacy
  5. Enhances Motor Skills

1) Promotes Social Development

In preschool, your child will learn cooperation, respect, empathy, and problem-solving. Your child will gain confidence, explore, and play with friends.

2) Encourages Independence

Many children who start preschool have some kind of separation anxiety, and as a parent, you might too! Preschool encourages healthy separation and independence. As your child becomes more independent and comfortable when you’re not around

3) Provides a Foundation for Learning

A preschool program will provide the opportunity for your child to experience a structured, learning environment. It may be the first time they’ve been in such a structured setting with teachers and other children. They’ll learn to share, follow instructions, take turns, and share the teacher’s attention with peers.

4) Improves Math & Literacy

To prepare children for the academic demands of kindergarten, teachers offer a wide variety of games and activities that help children acquire pre-math and literacy skills. For example, singing the alphabet song while following along in a book builds a child’s awareness of the connections between alphabet letters and word sounds. Keeping track of days on a calendar teaches basic math skills.

5) Enhances Motor Skills

In preschool your child’s physical coordination improves, allowing them to explore their environment. Young children are in motion for a good part of the day while at school. High-quality preschool programs provide daily opportunities for children to run, climb, and play games. Activities are offered to help children develop fine motor skills, such as cutting with scissors and gluing small things to paper.

Prepare For Kindergarten

Preschool programs enrich many key elements of your child’s development, including academic, social, physical, and emotional, among others. These aspects of your child’s development serve to help them prepare for kindergarten.

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