Creating a plan for garden activities for preschoolers can be quite a challenging task. If you are in charge of taking care of children who are just starting school, you have to know a few things. Hands-on activities keep them entertained and exposes them to a lot of knowledge. 

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What are some fun gardening activities for your little ones?

A simple activity that preschool teachers can try is visiting the local flower garden. Preschoolers can, for instance, learn how flowers grow and even plant seeds to monitor their growth. Preschool garden activities are highly informative and necessary for school-going children.

Here are some other garden learning activities for preschool teachers to consider. 

  1. Rain Boot Sprouts
  2. Stepping Stones
  3. Learning Composting
  4. DIY Garden Journal
  5. Matching Game

1) Rain Boot Sprouts

One garden activity to include in your lesson plans is creating a rain boot sprout garden. It can turn into one of the science experiments to participate in within the school year. Invite the preschoolers to bring rain boots that no longer fit and lead them into the activity.

2) Stepping Stones

 While planning a gardening activity, you can combine it with community service. Start by making a plan to set up stepping stones and decorating them. This activity comes with the advantage of being practical and fun. The preschoolers can use simple materials like quick-drying concrete, gems, and tiles to develop a garden theme.

3) Learning Composting

Involving preschoolers in activities where they learn composting allows them to connect to the world. It is also a great activity to help them develop fine motor skills. Learning composting enables young learners to know ways of recycling and reducing waste.

4) DIY Garden Journal

 Keeping a DIY garden journal allows preschoolers to learn at home. There are already existing inspirations to help preschoolers learn how to create gardening journals at home. Preschool teachers are instrumental in assisting with updating journals.

5) Matching Game

It involves burying letters and pictures. Preschoolers can suggest words that sound like seeds and plants in the garden. They get a chance to be creative and enjoy gardening. Most preschoolers find the game quite exciting. 

Introducing Your Preschooler to Gardening

When coming up with activities that will help a preschooler learn, don’t forget about hands-on activities. Garden activities for preschoolers should belong in the sensory bin category in that they are fun and educational.

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