5 Summer Crafts for Preschoolers

5 Summer Crafts for Preschoolers, Light House School of Excellence, Conroe, TX

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy this summer? Why not try a few of these summer crafts for preschoolers to get the kids excited about making something? Create fun decorations and enjoy getting messy with these creative craft ideas!

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Summer Crafts for the Kids

Depending on your children’s skill levels, they may need some help from you to make these crafts. But with a little help, you and your kids can have fun creating colorful summer decorations this summer! Which of these looks like something your family would enjoy?

  1. Glow-in-the-dark hanging jellyfish
  2. Blue skies jello snack
  3. Jellyfish or watermelon sun catchers
  4. Soda bottle firefly
  5. Popsicle stick boxes

1) Glow-in-the-Dark Hanging Jellyfish

This is the perfect craft for kids who love glow-in-the-dark toys! This jellyfish is made of a painted paper bowl, yarn, and luminescent paint. This craft has the potential to get messy, so keep cleaning supplies and fresh clothes on hand.

2) Blue Skies Jello Snack

What’s better than seeing the bright blue summer sky? Eating it, of course! This simple but tasty snack combines blue Jello with whipped cream to create the look of clouds in a clear sky. Your kids will appreciate the ease and taste of this craft!

3) Jellyfish or Watermelon Sun Catchers

Tissue paper, laminate, construction paper, and a paper plate make up the backbone of these colorful sun catchers. Hang them on your windows for a stained glass effect or rework the design to make your own!

Pro Tip: Some of these crafts, like the sun catcher, involve a fair amount of glue. Make sure the kids don’t get this glue on the other supplies needed to make these decorations.

4) Soda Bottle Firefly

Another glow-in-the-dark project! This one is powered by glowsticks, so your preschoolers can change them out easily when the light starts to fade. These can be nightlights for a backyard campout or even just at bedtime!

5) Popsicle Stick Boxes

Finally, here’s a way to get rid of the sticks from all those popsicles your kids will be eating: turn the popsicle sticks into decorative desk sets! Have your kids paint or draw on the sticks and glue them together to make pencil cups or boxes for your desk.  

Summer Activities for Your Preschoolers

This summer, encourage your kids’ creativity by helping them use their energy for something fun. A few fun summer crafts for your preschoolers could help you connect with your kids, make memories, and design some adorable decorations to last the summer!

Connect with us to share your own craft ideas and see what others made with their preschoolers.

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