5 Things Your Preschooler Needs to be Comfortable at School

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by | Sep 13, 2017 | Preschoolers

Preschoolers are in transition between being babies, completely reliant on you, to little kids who are capable of doing many things on their own. They don’t have the confidence or skills yet to do many simple things, but they’re catching on! Going to school is a huge transition for them. It can be stressful for their little minds and bodies. Help them make the most of it with the following tips.

Essential Things Your Preschooler Needs to Succeed

Every stage of life comes with its own set of needs and peculiarities. Preschoolers are a unique bunch of individuals. Their personalities are being established. They’re growing into their bodies. They’re becoming a little more self-aware. Going to school can be very stressful for them, even in preschool. Help them have their best success with the following 5 tips:

1) Healthy High Expectations

Small children (and kids of all ages) will generally rise to the expectations they are given. Conversely, they will also lower themselves to expectations set too low. At the end of the day, they will generally live to the expectations you have of them- to a point. Raise the bar for them, but do not raise it so far out of their reach as to be unreasonable.

Then you’re only setting them up for failure and frustration. It takes a little practice and judgment to get it just right, but when you do, you’ll see your preschoolers rise to the occasion and exceed your expectations.

2) Let Them Do It

You will always (for the time being) be faster and better at everything than your preschooler. Sometimes it’s just easier to do things for them, but resist the urge! Let them do whatever they can do, even if it’s not perfect.

Also, keep from redoing things after they’re finished. Whether choosing their clothes (even if it’s outlandish and clashes), making their own bed, or whatever else they do, refrain from fixing it when they’re done. It’s ok if the pillow is crooked or the blanket has wrinkles in it. All of this helps build their confidence.

3) Give a Little Responsibility

Give them a simple chore to do regularly. This will even further build their confidence and comfort in trying bigger things. Letting them own small, simple tasks gives them a confidence boost when attempting things they’ve never done before. Make sure the task is something real that will make them feel like they’re contributing to the family.

4) Routine is Comfort

Developing routines for homelife lowers stress levels for your preschooler. It gives them some level of predictability which is comforting because they know what to look forward to. You don’t need to be as structured as their days at school are, but sticking to a few routines at home goes a long way in child behavior and stress management.

5) Praise is Golden

Kids need attention and will settle for whatever attention they can get. This means if they notice certain bad behavior always gets attention from you, they’re likely to repeat that behavior to get more attention. Praise is your answer.

Praise the good things they do. Praise them often and praise them intentionally. Make a big deal about good behavior. Make a big deal about their accomplishments, no matter how small. Little things to you are big things in their world.

Equip Your Preschooler for Success

Every child is different and every child needs encouragement, understanding, and to be challenged. Going to school can be very stressful for their little minds. Give them the best chance at success with this guide to things your preschooler needs in school.

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