5 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to School

For some children, a positive attitude about school requires some coaxing, since school presents a lot of new challenges. It’s often the first time they’ve been away from Mom, made new friends, or been expected to share. You can help your child adjust to school by developing routines, being consistent and encouraging independence. Click To Tweet

Help Your Little One Adjust to School

Some anxiety is to be expected as the school year gets underway, especially if it’s your child’s first year. Every child is different and will handle change in his or her own unique way. Here are a few tips to help your child cope with the change of starting school:

1) Develop a Routine

Getting your little one ready for school begins at home. Make sure your child is getting to bed early, so that they’re not tired or cranky the next day. Make bedtime a calm ritual that puts them at peace. In the morning, have a set routine for getting dressed and preparing for the day. This will help your child feel in control.

2) Calm Your Child’s Fears

A common fear in children is abandonment. Calm this fear by being sure to show up early (or at least on time) to pick them up from school. If they ride the bus, be sure you or another trusted adult is there to greet them when they arrive home. This repeated reassurance helps quell your child’s fears.

3) Encourage Friendships

A great part of starting preschool or kindergarten are the friendships your child will begin to make. Encourage their new relationships, by inviting friends over for playdates or spending extra time on the playground after school has ended. This will help your child feel comfortable and familiar with people at school.

4) Reward Independence

Starting school is a big step in developing independence. Reward your child with praise when you notice them going outside of their comfort zone, making new friends or taking initiative. Show them that their budding self-sufficiency is a good thing.

5) Put in Extra Time

Spend a little extra time with your child when they arrive home from school. This could be as simple as walking to get the mail or watching a short TV show. Carve out some special time to show them a bit of extra attention and love.

Set Them Up For Success

Starting school isn’t just an adjustment for your child, but for you. Even if you have your own fears, it’s important not to express them around your child. This can make them feel even more unsure and afraid. .Set the example and they’ll have a much easier time.

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