5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschoolers Lighthouse School

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Preschoolers

February is here, and it’s time to explore Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers. You need to show love to your kids by treating them to fun activities that are easy to set up and offer various learning opportunities. Thankfully, this guide offers several activities.

What are some cute Valentine’s Day activities for our little ones?

Nothing can demonstrate a parent’s love, such as spending time with their loved young ones during Valentine’s Day doing fun activities. Think of heart craft and Valentine’s Day craft activities to make the day more exciting and memorable.

Here are five exciting Valentine’s Day activities to consider with your little one!

  1. Salt Dough Activity
  2. Fizzy Hearts Experiment
  3. Oobleck with Candy Hearts
  4. Math Activity
  5. Valentine Themed Sensory Bin

1) Salt Dough Activity

If your kids love conversation hearts, the salt dough activity can be one of your activities on Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped candies look beautiful and can be personalized to resemble conversion hearts. Besides, they can make great giveaways for the day.

2) Fizzy Hearts Experiment

The fizzy heart experiment involves a chemical reaction of love-themed ingredients in the kitchen. It can be a reaction between vinegar and baking soda, allowing the kids to explore the various states of matter. Thankfully, the fizzy heart experiment is simple.

3) Oobleck with Candy Hearts

A Valentine-themed oobleck activity is another excellent way to make your Valentine’s Day more exciting. Teach your kids how to make oobleck using water and cornstarch. This home science experiment is easy to perform, and your kids will love doing it often.

4) Math Activity

Make a few candy hearts and let your kids count them one by one to improve their math skills. You can scribe numbers on the candy hearts and let your kids recognize each number on the candies. Besides, you can also ask them to measure the candies.

5) Valentine Themed Sensory Bin

A sensory bottle or bin can help to improve your kids’ fine motor skills during their early stages of development. So, they can be great accessories for Valentine’s Day sensory activities. Playing with a sensory bin is not only fun but also helps the kids learn.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day with Your Preschoolers

Now that you know some of Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers, you can make Valentine’s Day more exciting for your preschooling kids. Consider Valentine Day craft ideas like conversion hearts, handmade gifts, and other craft projects to add more fun.

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