Choosing Before & After School Programs for Your Child

Choosing Before & After School Programs for Your Child, Lighthouse School, Willis, TX

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Preschoolers

If you’d like to give your children a diverse education and let them hang out with their peers, choosing before and after school programs for them is a great place to start. Between hobbies, clubs, and tutoring, the list of available programs could go on to match your child’s interests. 

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Research shows that children who participate in enrichment programs outside of school thrive in their education and are better team players. If you’re interested in choosing a before or after school program, make these considerations as you make your decision. 

Available Extra-Curricular Programs in Willis, TX. 

There are a variety of different care programs available for your children. From sports to clubs focused on hobbies, school-age children get to hang out with friends and develop their interests in after school programs. The first step of deciding which program is right for your child is determining which programs are available to you. Certain factors like your child’s school and their age can help narrow down what organizations offer programs near you.

Pro Tip: If you have children of different ages, be sure to search for organizations that have childcare for everyone. Keeping siblings together is a great way to ease anxiety and eliminate scheduling mishaps.

Important Considerations

When choosing a before or after school program, there are a couple of different things to keep in mind. Whether your children are in preschool or elementary school, it’s important to choose an option that you’ll both love.

  • Site Visit – A program might look great online, but may not be what you’re looking for in person. Be sure to schedule a time to tour the school care facility to check out the environment and meet the staff.
  • Reviews – If you know someone who is participating in a certain program, use that relationship to find out more details about the program. You might find the program offers more opportunities than you first thought just by asking questions.
  • Teachers – Interview the staff and teachers who will be supervising your children to keep a peace of mind. You’ll be giving these adults a lot of responsibility, and it’s important for you and your child to know they’ll be safe. 
  • Schedule – Between drop-off and pick up-times, you should know what is expected before signing up for a program. Consider your work schedule and travel time to ensure that your children aren’t left waiting for you.
  • Cost – Don’t forget to take all of the expenses for each program into consideration when deciding. Some programs might charge entry or request school supplies that you may not be aware of in the beginning.

Making the Right Choice

At the end of the day, choosing before and after school programs is ultimately up to you, the parent. Giving your child an opportunity to pursue afterschool programs can be beneficial, but if your child is having a hard time adjusting, consider rethinking what would be best for them.

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