Educational Toys for Children by Age & Developmental Stage

Educational Toys for Children by Age & Developmental Stage, Lighthouse School of Excellence, Conroe, TX

Kids learn from just about anything they do. Why not incorporate learning into playtime too? Toy manufacturers produce a variety of choices that both educate and entertain kids while being kind to parents’ wallets.

For each stage of child development, different toys will stimulate different types of activities and growth to help your child mature. For our purposes, let’s look at a few early stages of development: infant, preschooler, and kindergartener.

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Infant: Basic Colors and Shapes

An infant or toddler is just beginning to learn about the world and consequently doesn’t need very elaborate toys. Toys for this age group are mostly designed to keep their attention and show them colors, shapes, and matching. A popular choice like this familiar wooden ball maze contains colorful moving pieces for the child to push on a wire or fit through holes, showing them what shapes and colors go together. It also stimulates attention to detail as the child pays attention to the small designs.

Pro Tip: For some infants, you can take the color and shape matching lessons a step further with numbers. Toys like this number matching puzzle use shapes to show the proper order to place the numbers in and help the child learn to count.

Preschooler: Time and Letters

A preschooler can start to learn about telling time on a traditional or digital clock, as well as the order of letters in the alphabet. A colorful clock with rearrangeable numbers can help them find the proper places to place the blocks and help them understand how to read a clock. Meanwhile, a similar alphabet puzzle helps with letters and reading.

Kindergartener: Assembling Pieces for Fun

To help your kindergartener get used to putting pieces together and building their own unique creations, try colorful building blocks like this set or this dinosaur assembly kit. (Make sure the dinosaur pieces aren’t too small for your child.) These toys can stimulate creativity in two different ways. Of course, putting pieces together in their own way can create unique results and help the child to think outside the box. But a set with instructions, like the dinosaur, can also help your child learn to understand and implement suggestions and help. Either method results in a unique toy for your child to play with.

Promoting Learning Through Play

As kids adjust to their world, even the simplest playtime can become a huge learning experience. Toys designed to help your child think and learn can facilitate their mental development and help them as they transition into traditional schooling. Make sure you find the best toys for your child to learn from.

Get more ideas on teaching through playtime by connecting with us and chatting with other parents and child development professionals.

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