Establishing a Morning Routine with Toddlers & Preschoolers

Establishing a Morning Routine with Toddlers & Preschoolers

Creating a morning routine with toddlers or preschoolers comes with several benefits. First, it helps your child develop independence, making life easier for you and the child. However, many parents have trouble getting their toddlers and preschoolers to adapt to the morning routine. So, we’ve developed a morning routine checklist to help you.

Getting your toddler or preschooler ready for the day should not be a problem if you do it correctly. Besides, most toddlers tend to mimic what their parents do, making it easy to teach them the skills necessary to do tasks by themselves. All you need is the right strategy to help them build confidence to start the day.

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What Makes Morning Routines Important

Morning routines are the secret to efficiency. When your child wakes up every morning knowing what to do, it makes life at home smooth. As a result, it saves you a lot of time you would waste giving orders. The routines can also foster independence, confidence, and emotional regulation in the kids. So, they can do simple tasks like brushing their teeth.

Creating Visual Cards to Make it Easier

Toddlers usually get distracted easily, making it challenging to retain spoken language. That’s why it’s essential to use pictures or visual cards to remind them of their morning activity. With the help of visual cards, your toddler doesn’t have to struggle remembering their tasks. Instead, show them the morning routine chart, and they’ll know what to do.

Steps Towards a Successful Morning

Here are the morning activities your child can do for a successful morning.

  • Potty: Help the child develop a habit of sitting on their potty every morning after removing their diapers.
  • Eat Breakfast: Let your kid eat a healthy breakfast to give them energy for doing the other tasks, like a cup of coffee.
  • Get Dressed Up: Prepare the clothes the night before to avoid time wastage and encourage the toddler to dress up without your help.
  • Brush the Teeth: Let the toddler brush their teeth while still in the bathroom. Use a timer to set the time for brushing.
  • Brush the Hair: Allow the child to brush their hair independently. You can only help them spray the hair detangler.
  • Get the Backpack: Put the toddler’s backpack where they can quickly grab them when leaving home for school.

Creating an Independent Little One Through Morning Routine

Now that you know how to establish a morning routine with a toddler, you can help your child kick off the day with much confidence. Encourage the child to go to bed early to get enough hours of sleep and ample time in the morning for preparation.

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