Going Back to Preschool During COVID-19

Going Back to Preschool During COVID-19, Light House School of Excellence, Willis, TX

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Preschoolers

Is reopening preschool during COVID-19 the right thing to do? This is one question that lingers in the minds of many parents. The good news is that many schools have come up with safety protocols to keep young children and staff safe during school reopening.

Many parents are certainly ready to take their children back to school. However, your school should implement strict safety measures to help avert the spread of coronavirus. As the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says, child care facilities should work with health departments to keep everyone safe.

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Ask Your Child’s Healthcare Providers

Talk to a pediatrician about your child’s health to help you make informed decisions on whether to take your kid back to preschool or not. The pediatrician will review the child’s medical history, family circumstances, and check if immunizations are up to date. You’ll also get health recommendations on your kid’s safe return to school.

Pro Tip: If you or your child have not gotten this year’s flu shot yet, do it as soon as possible. The last thing we want is a flu outbreak on top of the current pandemic.

Understand Your Preschool’s COVID-19 Plan

You need to be sure that your childcare facility has established safety measures to keep your kid safe. Find out if the facility is following the CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Also, ask how they plan to screen every child coming into the facility. Do they take temperature readings and isolate sick kids?

A safety-conscious preschool will take extensive safety precautions to protect their students. Ask the faculty about their plans:

  • Will the kids wear masks while in the facility?
  • Will they screen other people before having contact with your kid?
  • How will they enforce social distancing throughout the day?
  • Will the facility keep kids two meters apart during naps, meals, and snacks?

Model Good Habits for Your Child

As a parent, you need to set a good example for your kids to help them develop good hygienic practices during the pandemic. Talk to the kids about the benefits of social distancing and regular hand washing. Most importantly, demonstrate these careful behaviors on a regular basis and encourage your children to imitate you. This will both protect you and help keep your kids out of trouble.

Keeping Your Children Safe

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your children safe. Before allowing your child to go back to preschool during COVID-19, talk to a pediatrician to address your child’s health concerns. You also need to talk to your childcare facility to determine the measures they’ve put in place to protect kids, staff, and essential workers. With a combination of efforts from you and the preschool, we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus in child care centers.

Contact us to learn more about going back to preschool during COVID-19.

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