Make Learning Fun: 3 Educational Games for Preschoolers

Educational Games for Preschoolers, the Light House School of Excellence, Willis, TX

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Preschoolers

Learning should be fun for preschoolers because at this age education and play are interconnected. Your child will look to you to explore their education and answer any questions they may have. With these games, you can approach these questions in an entertaining way!

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How Can I Make Learning Fun?

You might associate educating your child as a daunting or challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. You and your preschooler can both benefit from fun crafts that help expand your child’s mind. Don’t overthink it- learning can always be fun if you do it the right way! Try the educational activities below:

  1. Paper Plate Letters
  2. Math Treats
  3. Sticker Spelling

1) Paper Plate Letters

This simple activity will help your preschooler recognize and learn the letters of the alphabet and only takes a few items you probably already have in your home. Around the edges of the paper plate, write letters that are visually similar, like the letter “e,” “c,” and “a,”. Next, choose one of these letters and write them largely in the center of the plate. Call out a letter on the plate and have the child point it out to you. Encourage them to understand the difference in these letters. Explore more ideas using paper plates here.

2) Math Treats

Use fun snacks to teach basic addition and subtraction– and enjoy the treats while you’re at it! Prepare your workstation on a clean surface and have your child separate small snacks like M&Ms or Skittles to practice their counting skills. Make it fun by using subtraction problems to first challenge your young one, then let them eat the pieces of candy being taken away from the pile! This is a great idea for visual learners because they can really see the snacks disappear and count the remaining pieces. Many preschools use this creative tactic as well.

ProTip: While teaching your child math tips with snacks, seek out sugar-free candy to use for math games, which are available in most grocery stores.

3) Sticker Spelling

Sticker letters are an entertaining way to practice spelling and reading. Check the school supplies or arts and crafts section of your local grocery store to find a sticker sheet of different letters of the alphabet. You might find a coloring book that goes with the sticker sheet that you can use for extra ideas and guidance. Create a list of small words that you and your preschooler can practice spelling together, and display your child’s work somewhere where they can practice reading their sticker words out loud for you.

Enjoy the Learning Time with Your Child

Don’t forget that it’s all about the time you are spending with your little one. Education is key, but quality time is also valuable. The time and attention you give to them is worth far more than any learning lesson can provide.

Join the discussion and learn other ways parents have used educational activities in a fun way for their preschoolers!

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