How Preschool Can Help Your Child Embrace Diversity

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Preschoolers

Many children do not experience much exposure to other cultures before preschool, as they’ve been cared for by immediate family only. Find out why embracing diversity at a young age is so important to your child’s development. Click To Tweet

Help Your Child Embrace Diversity

Children typically notice differences in those around them around about age 2. That makes the ages from 2-6 a critical time when toddlers begin to form attitudes based on family, parents, and teachers. 

Why Diversity is Important

Learning about diversity teaches children to respect all people and understand that everyone is alike and equal, even though they may look different. Learning about diversity can also affect their social and emotional development. Children who don’t interact with anyone outside their immediate families may have a harder time meeting new people.

Learning Respect

Learning to have respect and tolerance for others is a lifetime social skill that positively impacts a child’s developing sense of self. Teaching children to respect differences can also help in preventing aggressive and violent behavior. Children adapt quickly, so exposure to a variety of different cultures, languages, and ethnicities helps them become familiar and comfortable with different people. 

Pro Tip: A diverse preschool setting helps your child learn to respect others, embracing differences while finding commonalities.

A Global Society

With the popularity and widespread use of technology, children today are more aware of the world around them than any generation before. Exposing them to diversity early on helps make them feel like they’re part of a united, global society 

Start At Preschool

Preschool is often a child’s first introduction to people are places that are different from what they’re used to. In addition to the other proven preschool benefits, embracing differences will ensure that your child understands concepts like respect, empathy, and equality.

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