Preschool Enrichment Activities Your Child is Sure to Love

Preschool Enrichment Activities Your Child is Sure to Love, The Light House School of Excellence, Conroe, TX

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Preschoolers

Preschool is more than just a glorified daycare program. In a well-structured environment, your child will be exposed to a variety of other excellent preschool enrichment activities and learning programs to help them develop knowledge and social skills. 

Your local private preschool offers several excellent enrichment programs to help your child gain a healthy appreciation for learning, as well as give them the chance to spend quality time with their peers. Would your child be interested in these educational and entertaining activities? See if any appeal to them!

Preschool-focused enrichment activities are a great way to help your children learn and have fun while doing it! Learn about activities available near you here. Click To Tweet

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is an age-appropriate program that allows your children to play soccer and spend time with their peers in a non-competitive environment. Each session encourages team-building, fitness, character, fun, and an active lifestyle through sports. This is the perfect way for your energetic child to blow off some steam and build rapport with their peers at the same time. Learn more about Soccer Shots and enroll your sports-loving child today!

Nutty Scientists

Nutty Scientists of Houston is a franchise of Nutty Scientists, the world’s leading provider of entertaining and hands-on STEM programs for children from ages 3-12. Nutty Scientists’ primary goal is to introduce STEM to science-loving children at an early age and cultivate a passion for all kinds of science and learning. With sessions on chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, and much more, the Nutty Scientists program encourages your children to learn about the world around them in an entertaining, hands-on way. Get in touch with us to learn more about this fascinating science program!

Pro Tip: Slots for our enrichment activities fill up quickly. Enroll your child while there’s still room!

Extra Social Time

Whether you have to work late several days of the week or your child just wants to spend more time with their friends, our before and after school pickup program is right for you. We offer students from kindergarten through 6th grade a balance between social interaction with peers and classroom instruction. We provide kids with safe and convenient transportation to and from school, a healthy snack, opportunities for social development, and playtime both indoors and outdoors. Don’t worry–one of our highly trained teachers will always be present to supervise and spend time with your children as well.

More than Just Education

Preschool enrichment activities focus on teaching your child, but their purpose is more far-reaching than simple education. These programs give your child the chance to pick up valuable social skills, learn in a variety of settings, and spend time with others their own age. Enrichment activities are an essential part of any child’s preschool experience!

Join the conversation to learn more about available enrichment activities and how your child can take advantage of them.

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