Safety Measures to Protect Our Students

Safety Measures to Protect Our Students, The Light House School of Excellence, Conroe, TX

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Preschoolers

At the Light House School, we recognize that it’s our responsibility to protect your little ones while they’re with us during the week. We take this responsibility very seriously. When your child is in our care, you can rest assured we take every possible precaution to keep them safe.

We also believe it’s important for parents to understand the safety choices we make and what they mean for your children. From training our teachers to being on the lookout for trouble, we make safety a top priority. Let’s look a little closer at our safety procedures implemented to protect your little ones.

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Extensive Background Checks on Employees

Anyone who applies to work full or part-time at the Light House School must pass a detailed background check. Whether they’ll be interacting with your children or just cleaning up the classroom afterward, they must have a completely clean record. We will never allow a convicted criminal to be around your children.

Orientation & Annual Training

Upon being hired, all employees take an orientation course detailing proper safety procedures, treatment of the children, emergency situations and care, and symptoms of child abuse or neglect. Teachers renew their training on these topics every year, in addition to maintaining certifications in pediatric first aid and regular academic training. Finally, all staff members meet regularly to discuss lesson plans, meeting legal guidelines, and more to ensure that everyone is up to date and meeting our standards.

Pro Tip: Our teachers are extensively trained in identifying signs of child abuse or potential dangers to your children. We always put your children’s well-being first.

Personal Environment

We strive to provide a safe, personal environment for your children when they come to see us. Aside from providing comfort and a place to play with friends, this environment also gives your child the safety and boldness to speak up when something is wrong. We encourage children to be open and honest about their feelings and experiences. If they ever feel unsafe or unsure, they’re allowed and encouraged to tell one of our staff members so we can help.

Cultivating a Safe Environment

Preschoolers are at a vulnerable stage in their life when they most need trusted adults and dedicated caregivers to identify potential dangers and keep them away. At the Light House School, we’re dedicated to not only teaching your children but also to keeping them safe as long as they’re in our care. Our carefully designed environment keeps your preschoolers safe.

Connect with us to learn more about our school environment and student protections.

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