Summer Activities Your Preschooler Will Love

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Preschoolers, Summer

Love spending extra time with your kiddos but can’t keep their attention for the months they’re off school? Fill their days off with fun summer activities that help them grow, learn, and thrive. Use the time to help boost your little one’s confidence and skill sets. All while they’re surrounded by children their age. Summer camps and activities aren't just great for your child but can help you meet other parents as well. Click To Tweet

Summer Camps’ in Session

Think about all the stories and friendships you have from going to summer camp. Pass it on with fun and recreational activities for your children. Keep them entertained throughout the summer (or for the specific sessions you choose). Major plus? Your kids will take out all their energy on summer activities and sleep well when they’re home. So maybe you even can plan a date night or two!

Whip Out the Sunscreen: It’s Game Time

Get your little ones off their iPads and on the playing field with our sports activities. They will build character, learn to team build and enjoy playing their favorite sport. Does your child have a friend who wants to join? Let them tag along and double your “cool parent” brownie points.

Interactive Science For Your Little Einstein

Are you tired of exploding homemade volcanoes or missing Tupperware from slime creations? All the fun of science experiments without the clean up after with a summer science program. Kids get their curiosity satisfied and your home survives the summer. Your scientist in-the-making will learn from interactive STEM-related disciplines.

Turn Your Summer Snooze Fest to a Fun Fest

Crafts, sports, bowling, and more. Hone your child’s many interests over the summer in engaging and interactive ways. Turn your summer from one where all you hear is, “I’m BORED, mom” to exciting stories of their adventures from summer activities and camps.

Week Long Camp Sign Ups

We can help children learn and develop with social interaction and summer activities. Our camps offer quality classes and programs for you to choose from. You can decide if you want them in for the whole summer or pick certain sessions over the others.

Contact Us to register your child for creative summer fun! We’re excited to meet your little one!

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