Transition Back to Preschool with These 3 Helpful Tips

Transition Back to Preschool with These 3 Helpful Tips

As kids transition back to preschool, they experience a mix of emotions. They may feel excited, eager, concerned, or anxious about returning to school after spending a few weeks on holiday. However, the biggest worry among preschool children is the feeling of being left out, teased, or saying goodbye to their parents or caregivers upon drop-off.

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How can I ease my preschooler back into school mode?

The good news is that you can help your preschooler feel relieved from the worry and anxiety of returning to school. However, even if you feel worried, as a parent or caregiver, you must keep calm and reassure your preschooler that everything will be fine. Here are the back-to-preschool tips to help kids transition to school.

  1. Create a Back to School Routine
  2. Talk with Your Preschooler 
  3. Be Aware of Potential Stress

1) Create a Back to School Routine

A school routine can help your child adapt when transitioning back to school. It should be practical by specifying what the child needs to do every day for school, like waking up in the morning, having breakfast, and dressing. The routine must also state the kind of help your child may need from you to prepare and what they can do on their own.

2) Talk with Your Preschooler 

Please remember to talk with your preschooler about returning to school. Since most kids feel stressed and anxious about returning to school, you can find out your child’s worries by asking directly. Once you’ve done that, please encourage them by sharing their pleasant preschool experiences. Then, ensure you address all their concerns.

3) Be Aware of Potential Stress

As a parent, you must be aware of what might cause stress and anxiety in your child. Some signs that your child is stressed are when they are more clingy than usual and look restless. Also, you can know a child is stressed when they show the desire to avoid activities. Please don’t hesitate to talk to the child’s teachers if you see the signs. Meet the teacher in case of an emergency and discuss how to help your child.

Easing Your Little One Back Into Preschool Mode

Now that you know the tips to transition back to preschool, you can help your kid return to school without stress. You can start talking to your child about the transition a few weeks before school. However, doing that on the day of school might be too late. Finally, create a practical school routine to help your child start preschool.

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