Using Tablets for Early Math Learning with Preschoolers

Using Tablets for Early Math Learning with Preschoolers

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Preschoolers

With the help of tablets, math learning has become easier for preschoolers. Digital devices foster learning in mathematics by helping young learners understand several mathematical applications. Your child can quickly develop data collection and analysis skills, equipartitioning, and subitizing, determining quantity without counting.

Parents and teachers must embrace this technology to help preschoolers learn mathematics, especially for challenging concepts. Studies reveal that kids and teachers love technology, and adopting tablets in math learning can help young kids learn faster. Thankfully, the tablets used in math learning are kid-friendly.

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Tablet Features

Tablets have incredible features that encourage early math learning, such as photo and video apps. With the teachers’ help, preschoolers can capture pictures of many things around them and use them in math learning. For instance, teachers can:

  • Take a picture of a block corner, then ask kids to count the blocks in the photo
  • Use the video feature to record preschoolers participating in math activities
  • Use the video’s slow-motion feature to help kids examine videos closely

Digital Learning Games

Allowing preschoolers to engage in video games that involve math concepts can help them learn faster. Thankfully, many game apps can inspire preschoolers to apply some mathematical skills to win. Consider integrating digital games with learning goals to fulfill specific objectives. You can pair these games with a board game, arts, or puzzles.

Connect to Teacher Content

Teachers can incorporate the use of tablets across their curriculum in many ways:

  • Documenting kids’ work, then ask them to explain their learning process
  • Using e-books to improve the kids’ literacy and language skills
  • Live-streaming videos of animals in various habitats, like zoos and aquariums
  • Accessing hard-to-see information in real-time, such as seed sprouting
  • Analyzing graphs and other mathematical data representations

Math Learning for Preschoolers Using Tablets

With tablets, math-learning preschoolers can quickly understand various mathematical skills. Preschool math activities foster problem-solving and fine motor skills, making tablets indispensable tools in math centers. Teaching math to preschoolers is now easier than before. Notably, math skills are essential in early childhood development.

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