Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

Is your Child Ready for Preschool? , Light House Preschool, Willis, TX

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Preschoolers

When you spend every day with your children, it can be difficult to determine if they’re ready for preschool. However, it’s important for their social and mental development to enroll them in preschool when you’re both ready. So how do you know when to start preschool?

There are a number of factors to weigh when deciding if your young child is ready for preschool or pre-k programs. There’s no calculations or concrete way to determine preschool readiness. It’s really about what you and your child are comfortable with. If you’re considering preschool for young children, here are three ways to know if they’re ready. Click To Tweet

Emotionally Ready

Does your child ever spend time apart from you? Before they start school, it’s important to see how they react when someone else is watching them. Do they have separation anxiety? Ask them how they feel about preschool programs. Their answer may surprise you. Overall, you know your child and you know where they are emotionally.

Pro Tip: It’s necessary to consider where your child is emotionally before enrolling them in preschool.

Potty Trained

If your child is under three-years-old, many preschools will accept them if they aren’t potty trained. But, if they are older than three, many preschools require that your child is potty trained. This doesn’t mean that they have to be completely accident-free. Accidents are quite common at this age and most preschools will understand that.


How is your child at being independent? Do they play on their own? Can they do daily tasks such as get dressed, brush their teeth and hair without much help? This is a good sign that they’re ready to join a preschool program.

Your Family’s Unique Needs

Everybody is different, so try to remember that when you’re considering placing your child in preschool. While the above are general guidelines, it’s really up to you and your child’s individual needs.

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