6 Ways Your Kids Can Beat the Heat This Summer!

6 Ways Your Kids Can Beat the Heat This Summer! The Light House School of Excellence, Conroe, TX

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Summer

July is here, bringing some of the hottest temperatures of the year along with it. Don’t let the heat keep you and your kids from enjoying your extra free time! Try these fun, simple methods to keep cool this summer and have fun with your kids.

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How to Keep Cool

While a few of these tricks to beating the heat may seem familiar, not everything you’re used to doing during the summer actually helps you stay cooler. These unique approaches to staying cool are sure to provide a long-term solution for you and your kids.

  1. Buy some new houseplants
  2. Eat more of certain foods
  3. Avoid certain foods
  4. Hang out in the shade outside 
  5. Wear summer-friendly clothes
  6. Buy cooling accessories

1) Buy Some New Houseplants

As it turns out, plants do more than just look pretty. A healthy houseplant will also help regulate the airborne moisture in a room. They can help reduce the feeling of heaviness and humidity often associated with Texas summers. Teach your kids to care for some new plants and enjoy the benefits in the process!

2) Eat More of Certain Foods

We’re used to going for ice cream during the summer, but these less conventional summer treats may do a better job:

  • Vitamin C supplements or vitamin-C-rich foods: research shows that vitamin C helps prevent heat exhaustion and slows your increase in body temperature.
  • Spicy foods: this may seem counterintuitive, but it actually works. Your body interprets the heat from spicy food as temperature-related heat, forcing you to sweat and cool yourself down. You can actually eat spicy food as a preventive cooling measure!
  • Peppermint tea: peppermint contains menthol, which tricks your body into feeling cooler from the inside out. For an added cooling effect, spritz a little peppermint tea on your skin before going outside.
  • Water-rich foods: watermelon, anyone? The more water your snacks contain, the more hydrated you’ll be all day long.
  • Coconut water: not only does coconut water feel cold when consumed, but it also contains essential electrolytes commonly lost through sweat. Coconut water makes a great substitute for sports drinks.

3) Avoid Certain Foods

As unbelievable as it may seem, a few of our favorite summer staples may actually contribute to keeping us hot rather than cooling us down. Examples include:

  • Ice cream: the high-fat content makes it difficult to digest, forcing your body temperature to rise. If you can’t give up an icy treat, go for a low fat or fat-free snack like sorbet instead.
  • Red meat: like fat, high-protein foods require a lot of energy to digest, raising your body temperature in the process. Keep your barbecue consumption low this summer.

4) Hang Out in the Shade Outside

This one should be a no-brainer. With an often drastic temperature difference between shade and direct sunlight, it just makes sense to stay in the shade as often as possible. Avoid the high temperatures by staying out of the sun.

Pro Tip: If you or one of your kids feels the symptoms of heat exhaustion setting in, sitting in the shade isn’t enough. Get into an air-conditioned building as fast as possible.

5) Wear Summer-Friendly Clothes

Excellent clothes for hot weather have two things in common: color and material. The lighter the color, the more heat your clothes will reflect. White is ideal here! The higher the temperature, the lighter in color your outfit should be.

Material is an interesting point as well. Linen and other lightweight materials do an excellent job allowing air flow and wicking away moisture. However, perhaps the most effective summertime fabric is double gauze. This soft, comfortable fabric breathes like a dream and keeps you protected from summer humidity. Give it a try this summer!

6) Buy Cooling Accessories

For someone who can’t bear to leave the air conditioning behind when they go outside, try these convenient cooling accessories:

  • Wearable cooling packs: cooling packs like this headband are chilled ahead of time and can be worn directly on your body for a cool experience.
  • Phone fans: use a little of your phone’s battery to power a mini fan!
  • Handheld misting fans: one of the best feelings in the summer is a cool, moist breeze. Make your own with a handheld mist fan!

Keep Cool This Summer!

High summer temperatures don’t have to keep you and your kids cooped up inside all day. With a few strategic choices, you can still enjoy your free time and these sunny days! Stay safe, enjoy your fun time, and keep cool this summer.

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