Kindergarten Summer Camp Activities

Kindergarten Summer Camp Activities Lighthouse School

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Kindergarten, Summer

Having a list of fun, challenging and exciting activities can keep the kids focused during the kindergarten summer camp. The summer camp activities also encourage fun and fitness among the young ones, and if the kids find it too fun, they can come back every summer.

Some kids want to experience memorable field trips to visit the fire station and water parks. Others want to participate in more engaging sports activities like a relay race and other outdoor fun. To make the camping more interesting, you can also let the kids join in theme-based activities like art projects and sciences. 

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Memorable Field Trips

Kindergarten children love being outside and playing in groups. You can set up activities like water balloon hot potato, beanbag toss, or relay race with eggs on spoons. Kids love such games, and they also help them stay fit.

During the outdoor fun activities, let the kids get wet and dirty and play until they are exhausted. Visit water parks, go to movies and go bowling. You can also have the kids make bird feeders using a toilet paper roll and peanut butter.

Engaging Sports Activities

Most kids want to show off their talents, so ensure you set up sports activities like outdoor games. Select a team for kids who like soccer. You can also set up a volleyball pitch or basketball for those who love the games.

Another idea to execute and make the kid’s camp experiences more memorable is indoor games. Use balloons to play balloon tennis or set up an indoor mini-golf course. Make the kids do friendly competition during the games. 

Theme-Based Enrichment 

Theme-based activities help the children grow their social skills when helping each other in activities like art and crafts. Art projects help the kids know how to express their thoughts.

During the art activities, teach the kids how to design a tie-dye shirt. You can also prepare and practice curing and drying the dyed shirts and having the kids wear them. Letting the kids choose their favorite color during the exercise makes it more interesting. 

Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids

To make your kindergarten summer camp trip the best for kids, you must choose activities they like doing. They will keep referring to your campsite and want to visit every summer. As a parent, remember to visit a summer camp with all the activities that your kids love.

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