Planning Memorable Summer Fun For Kids

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Summer

The prospect of summer break incites anticipation and excitement in children everywhere, but for working parents, it can create feelings of guilt or dread. You want your child to have a memorable and fun summer, but parents don’t get a summer break. So what are your options?

Providing Summer Fun For Kids

There are so many summer activities to keep your child entertained, but if you’re at work all day you might wonder how to fit it all in. Finding a reputable summer child care provider or day camp allows you to focus on small, meaningful activities or trips to break up the summer months. Click To Tweet

Summer Camp

A summer camp provides fun, learning and supervision to take the stress out of summer break. A good summer program will provide healthy meals, learning experiences and fun field trips to encourage your child’s social development and sense of curiosity.

Weekend Getaways

Working parents often feel guilty that they’re not able to spend every day with their child. Summer vacations can be difficult to coordinate with everyone’s schedule. A good alternative is to plan short weekend trips throughout the summer. You don’t have to go far to feel like a tourist. Camping, amusement parks, or a quick trip to a neighboring town can provide ample entertainment for a memorable weekend.

Evening Picnics

Choose one evening per week to eat outdoors.  It helps break up the week and provides a break from the monotony of meal planning. Pack some sandwiches, cheese, crackers and fresh fruit and head to your favorite outdoor location. Let your child help plan the meal and destination. The outdoors seem to have a way of revitalizing and reducing stress. The perfect way to spend a summer night!

Movie Nights

Is there a drive-in movie theater nearby? Pack everyone into the car with blankets, snacks, and drink for a night at the drive-in! If there isn’t one nearby, make it a movie night at home. Build a pillow fort in front of the TV and let your child help make snacks or a fun craft before starting the movie. It makes the night feel special and exciting!

Combining Learning & Fun

While every parent wants their child to have fun in the summer, it’s important that they learn new things.  This is particularly true in preschool-age children who will be attending kindergarten soon. A successful summer experience is one that provides lasting memories for your child while teaching them valuable new things.

A Summer to Remember

Most children have happy memories of their summers, and yours can too. It’s important that you capitalize on small opportunities to share a fun experience. They don’t need to be big vacations or expensive trips.  Children just want to spend time with friends and family, experiencing the excitement of childhood!

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