5 Learning Activities for Two-Year-Olds

5 Learning Activities for Two Year Olds LightHouse School

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Toddlers

Toddlers crave stimulation and need a routine of activities to stay occupied during the summer. Have your little ones get engaged this summer with some fun learning activities for two-year-olds.

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What are some fun learning activities for your two-year-old?

Have your little ones play at home this summer while learning new skills by trying these fun activities:

  1. Hide and Seek with Toys
  2. Play Dress Up
  3. Stop & Go
  4. Simon Says
  5. Create a Collage

1) Hide and Seek with Toys

For an easy indoor activity for 2-year-olds, hide a toy somewhere in the house, and ask your child to find it. Explore with them, using cues like “warmer” and “colder” to guide them. You can also use flashlights for the search or hide several objects at one time.

2) Play Dress Up

Have your little ones use their imagination and get creative by going through some clothes and letting them put some outfits together. Have them try on what they feel happiest about and ask them what they like about the look. 

3) Stop & Go

Play games that involve starting and stopping, such as “red light, green light.” Developing self-control will eventually help children negotiate, compromise, and work out conflicts without losing their temper.

4) Simon Says

Start out with simple directions like “Simon says, touch your toes”. Then progress to silly, more complex routines such as “Simon says, tug on your left ear, then your right ear”. You can also encourage your child to jump, skip, catch something, and more. Don’t forget to drop “Simon says” every now and then during this learning activity!

5) Create a Collage

Cut out different noses, eyes, hair, and other features from old magazines, and give them to your child. Encourage her to make funny creatures or silly faces with the features, then glue them onto a piece of paper. 

Pro Tip: Collages and sensory bins make great imaginative play activity for kids to develop fine motor skills.

Fun Learning Activities for Toddlers

Let your little ones engage their creative side with these learning activities for two-year-olds. Kids love these types of engaging activities when they’re stuck at home during uncertain times.

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