What Are Sensory Bins for Toddlers?


by | Feb 25, 2022 | Toddlers

Seeing your kid learn how to hold items or walk is a huge milestone, but you will need a new addition to the house; sensory bins for toddlers. There is nothing fancy about sensory bins because they are containers that have different items to excite the child. You can get the bin filled with various things that the kid plays with.

Sensory bins come in different sizes, and they have various benefits for your kid. For example, they help the child learn how to measure using the measuring cup and solve alphabet puzzles and numbers. You can also research more sensory bin ideas to keep your kid learning. 

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What is a Sensory Bin?

Sensory bins are containers containing materials that help the child do more hands-on activities. These items could be sensory bottles, ice cubes, dry beans, and measuring cups.

The bins for toddlers are big enough to let them play in, and they also house all the toys maintaining tidiness in your home. You can use it to calm your child because the toddlers focus more and become more involved when playing. 

Types of Sensory Bins

To make your toddler’s sensory bin well-rounded, as well as incorporate lots of colors, create a base for your sensory bin. Try having a resealable bag you can pour sensory bin fillers like dried beans and cooked pasta in. This also makes work easier to find the specific item.

Alternatively, get a water sensory bin to help develop your kid’s fine motor skills and coordination. They can also get physically fit from lifting and splashing the water as they play. You can also add sensory water beads. 

Bin Benefits

Creating sensory bins is a straightforward task. The sensory bins enable the parent to get more ideas for kids hence bonding more with the child as they teach them. Besides, the toddler can learn how to fetch and measure things using the sensory bin fillers, which enhance their sensory activities.

The kids can use the cotton balls to form different alphabets and numbers, which help them with early learning. They also play silent tennis and blow them. Sensory bins help practice living skills like pouring materials and measuring using the measuring cups. 

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Having sensory bins for toddlers helps them learn more activities for kids and gets them closer to their parents. Most people who have never created a sensory bin find it hard to make one, but it is an exciting exercise to try.

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