Curriculum Overview

The Lighthouse School approach is to engage students in order that they may discover a passion for learning. We believe that we must play a strong role in helping parents make a positive impression in the daily lives of children.

We offer quality language enriched and Christian-based learning for children ages six weeks to Kindergarten. In each classroom, you will find a daily schedule posted that the teachers will follow and we have an open door policy for parents. You are welcome to visit our school at any time during the day. (For the safety of the children, all visitors must check in at the front desk first.)


Early Learning

We start early with our Infants & Toddlers, using creative learning experiences to teach them important communication and social skills they will need to reach developmental benchmarks.

Ages 2 & Up

We offer ABeka Curriculum for all Preschool and Private Kindergarten students. ABeka Curriculum not only promotes academic excellence but also fosters moral character, giving your child a springboard for success throughout life. With ABeka Curriculum, children learn through professionally illustrated textbooks, teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject. The curriculum also includes morning Bible stories for each class.

Sailing to Success

We often hear from our parents that when their children move on to public school, they have achieved a firm educational foundation. Your child will be Sailing to Success at the Lighthouse School of Excellence!


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