Preschool Programs

Preschool is a very important stage of child development, focusing on school readiness as well as emotional and social skills that will set the stage for academic success for years to come. In the preschool environment, 2, 3, and 4 year olds learn how to share with others, follow instructions and develop important skills needed to form a solid foundation for learning in elementary school and beyond.

Preschool Programs the Lighthouse School

Early Preschool (2 years)

Two-year-olds love to do things by themselves.  At the Lighthouse we encourage independence by providing a clean, safe and friendly environment with the toys, materials, and centers needed to develop self-confidence.  Children engage in both child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities that will reinforce their self-esteem while laying the foundation for future learning.

Concepts Explored: 

  • Toileting
  • Hand washing
  • Taking care of their environment
  • Linking the written word to objects
  • Colors, shapes, numbers, letter recognition
  • Art and music

Preschool (3 years)

The 3’s program focuses on the active participation of the children in their own learning process. A balance of child-initiated and teacher-planned activities are incorporated into the program every day. Teachers support this learning process as they guide the children and introduce them to content areas such as math, language, reading, social, arts, sciences and physical skills in a way that is relevant to the world around them. 

3 Year Olds will: 

  • Learn through play and hands-on experiences
  • Experience self-guided as well as structured learning
  • Choose from centers, experiencing freedom of choice
  • Begin to form a solid foundation for starting elementary school

Pre-K (4 years)

Our 4’s program is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten by further expanding upon the developmental aspects of their individual growth. Space and materials are carefully arranged in learning centers to promote active learning. The balance between child-initiated and teacher-planned activities is critical in the learning process as teachers encourage learning in specific content areas while giving children the freedom to make choices as they explore their environment.

4 Year Old Teachers Will: 

  • Focus on basic language and literacy skills
  • Provide hands-on projects for children in the areas of mathematics and science
  • Engage students in meaningful conversation and study of their community
  • Offer opportunities for children to express themselves through art and music

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